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Sometime back, my friend had trouble with his muscles in the back. It happened all of a sudden when he was crossing the road and he couldn't even move. With much difficulty he crossed the road to reach the sidewalk and called me on my phone. I reached to the location where he was lying not knowing what to do. After much hesitation, I called 911 as we were not sure how serious should an issue be to call 911.

For those of you who are not aware of 911, its an Emergency number in the USA. When you call 911, cops attend your call and do the needful. Since its the matter with cops, one has to be careful in calling them. Here is an interesting list of when and when not to call 911. When I called 911, a female cop attended my call and asked me all the questions starting with who/what/where/how/when (who are you, what happened, where are you now, when and how did it happen). Within a few minutes a cop came in his car with sirens on and asked the same who/what/where/how/when questions. A few minutes later Ambulance with sirens on and loaded with paramedics reached the scene. After preliminary examination, he was taken to the Fairview University Medical Center and everything was taken care of.

Its important to have insurance. Heesung in his earlier post discussed the importance of Insurance in USA. Though the Cops didn't charge anything for the service, the ambulance service cost my friend a bit. But with the University Student Insurance, 80% of it was taken care of and he had to pay only 20% of it. Its the same with hospital bill as well, he had to pay only 20% of it. The lesson here is: Do not hesitate to call 911 if you think you are in an Emergency, but you should know when exactly to call them. :)


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