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It comes the time to say goodbye. Thank you for reading my postings, writing comments, and sending me your questions by email that I was always more than happy to reply. I truly hope this information will be (sooner than what you think) useful. When you enter into a new environment such as the University of Minnesota, you definitely learn new things to daily operate.

My last advice to you is to enjoy learning (if such thing is possible hehe) while you are at the U, and to make the most out of it. Now that I have graduated, I feel like I already miss it (what a dork! you may think..., but hey,it’s true). Learning is always fun if you like what you do, even with all the long days/nights reading until late AMs. When the day to graduate comes, the feeling is overwhelmingly unforgettable…so much happiness!

Good luck! You will all do awesome! See you all down the road :)