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Farewell For the Summer

This is my last blog before the summer. Thank you very much for reading my and our blogs throughout the semester. It has been a long semester and a long year, but believe me, time can fly when you are happy. The first semester was quite challenging for me. I had to deal with many things. The second was a lot better, and I would say that I really enjoyed it.

For those who are coming to the University of Minnesota next semester, I would like to congratulate you. You have got a great opportunity to be here. However, please keep in mind that life is not perfect sometimes. You may encounter a lot of problem throughout your first year here. Do not give up. Find some helps. There are a lot of people who can help you here. You might feel really confident now before you come, but anything can happen. Be ready for the changes that you are about to face. First year is always tough, but enjoy it because it can happen only once.

Good luck with your summer wherever you are. We will meet again next semester.


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