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How to Get Help From Boynton Health Service

During your college career, there might be some time that you feel that you need to see a doctor. If so, one of the best place to go is Boynton Health Service. Boynton Health Service is a clinic that has served university community for over 90 years. It is located right next to Coffman Memorial Union. I just got help there the other day, so I would like to share my story so that you would know what you have to do if you need help.

The easiest way to get immediate help is to go to the Gopher Quick Clinic. It is a program of Boynton Health Service that allow walk-in patient to see a doctor. There are two locations of Gopher Quick Clinic that you can go. One is on the first floor of Coffman Memorial Union near the Jumba Juice. Another one is in Boynton Health Service building. I went to the one in Boynton Health Service. When I was there, there was a line for check-in. I went to check in. Only thing I needed was my U-card and they asked some questions about my personal information. Then, I just sat and waited. Just ten to fifteen minutes later, a nurse came and called my name. I went into the room and told my symptoms. If I had needed an emergency treatment, I would have seen a doctor right after the talk. However, my case wasn't an emergency one, so the nurse made and appointment for me. Normally, an appointment would be one or two hours after the first meeting, but I chose to went there again two days after that. So I got my appointment and came back. Nevertheless, before I left, I got some tips from the nurse that could help relieve my symptoms before I would see the doctor.

Two days later, I went there again. I checked in and waited. A couple minutes later, the doctor came. We talked and I got the instruction that would heal my wound as well as my prescription. However, the prescription was not in the paper form. The doctor sent the prescription directly to the pharmacy in Boynton Health service for me. What I needed to do after that was to go to the pharmacy store located near the Gopher Quick Clinic in Boynton Health Service. I went to the counter and just told them my name. I waited for a while for my medicine, and that's it. I got my medicine, and I got my treatment conveniently.

If you would like to learn more about Boynton Health Service, check on their web site: http://www.bhs.umn.edu/
The service hours can be found on the website as well.

By the way, I have a bad news for my blog fan (if there is at all). This is my last blog of the semester. There will be no new entry over the summer T_T. So, have a nice and warm summer, and I'll be back again in fall. :)