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. T. H. A. N. K . . Y. O. U .

Sometime in October last year, I told my mom that I was appointed as the undergraduate student leader for the International Ambassadors program. She asked me about what I had to do with that position and I told her that I would be writing blog, replying emails from prospective students, and facilitating the bi-weekly meetings. But, I was wrong. It actually turned out to be something bigger than that.

I remember, a couple weeks before the school began, a new student approached me at the International Services (I worked there during the summer as a welcome center staff) front desk:

Student: Are you Asa? From the ambassador program?
Asa: Ehm yes, I am. How did you know?
Student: Ohh. I read your blogs and also other ambassadors' blogs. Thank you for writing them. They were very helpful.

You do not know how HAPPY I was when I heard about that. Somebody actually read our blogs, wuhuu!!! So thank you, thank you very much for supporting this program!

1. For our readers.
We are doing this program because we want you to feel how it is like to be a student at the University of Minnesota. Without you visiting our blog, we would not be here. I understand that nobody wrote any entry in the summer but it does not mean that we are not doing the program anymore. We gave our ambassadors a break during the summer so that they will have more energies for this academic year. We will be back sometime next month (October) with more of amazing ambassadors (both undergraduate and graduate) and interesting blog entries. Again, thank you graciously for visiting and participating on our blog. Comments for future improvements are of course super-welcome.

2. For our ambassadors
I could have never done this program by myself. And I think that was why we were there for each other, wasn't that? Because we were a team, or actually a family. Thank you for all of your time, ideas, and hard work. As we are trying to improve the program, any suggestions are definitely welcome.

3. For our mentors (Beth Isensee and Jennifer Schulz)
Thank you for being wonderful mentors and supporters of our ideas. Let's rock it again this year!

One year is definitely not a short time and I have gained lots of valuable experiences and friendships during that period of time. As I mentioned above, we will be back with a more fresh look for 2009-2010 academic year sometime next month and I am really looking forward to that. Please keep visiting our blog because we are not gonna be here without you ^^

Thank you.

. asa.