April 23, 2009

Internet-based tools -important websites to learn-

Once you have started classes, you will need to quickly pick up new tools. You will familiarize with many codes for classes, building names, make new friends, important website’s URLs to check your grades etc. We (international ambassadors) have been written on how to make new friends, places to visit, etc. But we didn’t talk about Internet-based tools! ….. And we all use it every single day! The University of Minnesota and every Department, Office, or Library has its own special website where you will find official information about your grades, registered courses, available textbooks at the library, events, and so much more information!

There are a few websites that I would talk about in this article because I am more than sure that you will use them either because as professor ask you to do so, or because the information it provides is really helpful. The names of this websites are: MyU, OneStop, ITLABS, Library, ISSS, and the UofM E-mail.

Certainly I can write down an extraordinary b-i-g list with all of the websites I daily use, but I don’t want to make you (the reader) feel overwhelmed. I promise that little by little you will find and add to your list of favorites as the days go by.


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April 6, 2009

Bookstore (school supplies and more)

I can’t believe how long it took me this time to find a good topic to write about! I am happy now that I found it, and my article is ready for you! I think this topic, will help you learn where to buy all your school supplies, textbooks, Gopher’s items, computers, electronic supplies, and more.

When I started the MS CS program, on the first semester I had to buy 2 textbooks; Data Communications and Networks, and Software Engineering. Prior weeks to my first semester I was living in California, and I flew to Minneapolis very close to my first day….actually on the same day, first flight. (I don’t recommend anyone to follow my steps here).

I needed to get ready quickly for school; I knew that at the Coffman Union building (it is one of the most visited for lunch, special activities like Career Fairs, Graduation Festival, Indian/Chinese/Etc. cultural activities, Bookstore sales, etc you can see a map here) had a store called the Bookstore. Please I do strongly recommend visiting it as soon as you arrive to campus.

Bookstore UofM.jpg

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March 27, 2009

A check list for admitted students

With admission decisions coming out, most of you must be having lots of questions. Here is a list of a few Frequently Asked Questions which I felt most people will find helpful:

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March 4, 2009

Professional Degrees at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota offers professional degrees in specific areas such as JD (Law), MD (Medicine), DDS (Dentistry), DVM (Veterinary Medicine), and MBA (Business Administration).

As well, some colleges at the University of Minnesota provide professional degrees: College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Re¬source Sciences; and College of Education and Human Development. For instance, College of Education and Human Development provides M.E.D degrees (Masters of Education).

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February 6, 2009

How do I apply to the University of Minnesota?

If you have that question wondering around your head at this moment, click "continue" to read the rest of my blog ^0^

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