March 21, 2009

How to Choose Your Meal Plan?

When new students sign up for the residential housing, you are required to choose a meal plan. However, I know that it's quite difficult to figure out which plan is the best fit for you since you still can't estimate your needs. Plus, you don't know how your life will be and how your class schedule will be. is some advice.

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November 9, 2008

cOOkinG Is fUuuUN

Mom never taught me how to cook but she kept taking to taste yummy food before I came to the U. With one year experience living in the dorm, I felt like I'm tired of the dorm food to death. Then this semester, I moved off campus and now living in my own apartment with independent living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. I really enjoy the private space. Cooking become one of my major fun in leisure life.

Now let me show you some of my simple ones….


Soup with short ribs, shiitake and daikon


Dumplings (when I'm lazy, I eat dumplings which only needs ten minutes)


Jujube soup with tremella (This is sweet soup but Chinese usually have it as dessert and especially for women)


Spinach noodle with meat (quick food)


Eggplant with chicken


Do you know that I'm a mixologist....
Unfortunately, I'm still under 21...

November 5, 2008

Initial experiences of an International Student~

I was very excited, a few days before starting for USA from my home country, as I was travelling out of my home country for the first time. I was little apprehensive about finding a place to live in Minneapolis, that along with my excitement of going to a foreign country made me start my journey 3 weeks before the classes actually started. It took me days to figure out what my baggage should consist of as I had to follow the weight limitations imposed on the baggage by the airline authorities. I now know why they call Knapsack problem difficult after taking my Advanced Algorithms classes. And the day arrived, but it wasn’t an easy day for and I felt the journey to be much longer and tiresome than I expected. I took a train from my hometown to Hyderabad, and flew from Hyderabad to Mumbai, took a connecting flight from Mumbai to Chicago via London and finally another flight from Chicago to Minneapolis. The entire journey took more than 48 hours. And all I could do after reaching Minneapolis is sleeping for one complete day.

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April 11, 2008

I’m Lovin’ It!

Having been in the States for almost one year, people (from my home country) keep asking me the same question: “How is the American food?? usually following by “Do you like burger??
Yes! I’m Lovin’ It!

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April 6, 2008

How is life, study and weather here in Minnesota?

Recently, a prospective student from Malaysia asked me those three questions and I had replied to it personally. I just thought that I can share this with more people who read the blog as well. Just a quick note on the word course. The word "course" in Malaysia equals to the word "major" and the word "course" in America usually refered as "subject" in Malaysia. Just thought it is necessary to point this out.

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March 26, 2008

Can you cook?

I started cooking after coming to United States. To be honest, I didn't wanted to cook, but I had to.

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