April 3, 2009

Job Scenario

With this economic scenario, we have lots of people asking questions on the Job scenario at the University of Minnesota. I hope this post will address your question if you have similar concerns lurking in the corner of your mind unanswered.

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February 5, 2009

More opportunities for Engineers and Computer Scientists!!

Are you considering to find a full-time job, or a summer internship, or maybe a co-op while studying or after graduation? If you think you can take advantage of it, I encourage you to read this post.

Students and companies have many opportunities through the academic year to find either of them and the University of Minnesota will definitely get you well prepared for that moment.

Students are looking...but you must know that companies are always looking for bright students as well!! We as students are looking to get that specific job that we always dreamed of, and vice versa; companies certainly take the time and the effort to find the right person for a specific job description. Since we all have to make an effort, I will name some of the most common conferences that I had a chance to attend and participated at some point while I am a gopher!! student. This is how I got a summer-intership!!! I will also write about how the University of Minnesota helps us (students) to be prepared for interviews, writing a good resume, and some more tips!

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Career Center at University of Minnesota

Many international students want to find a job in America after studying abroad.

Then, how can we start job search and be ready for a right job?

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November 21, 2008

The economy, the employment and us

Since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brother Holding Inc. bombed the Wall Street, the whole world worried about the economy of the US, of course, including us. Actually, all we concern about is the employment.

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April 22, 2008

I've just been offered a job for the summer!

I have been speaking to this one company for about three months now, and finally, it has paid off. This past weekend I was offered a full time job for the summer back in Saskatchewan, Canada where I am from. I have had many summer jobs before, but they have all been pretty meaningless. I have usually worked at places where I got the job simply because a friend of mine worked there. Jobs at golf courses, and small town restaurants that have little or nothing to do with my major, or what I eventually want to do as a career.
This summer however, thanks to U of Minnesota resources, I have locked a job that is not only fairly lucrative, but one that could potentially develop into a very exciting career.

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April 21, 2008

Are you ready for a part time job?

Most of the students in the US have a part time job. Why? Part time job has a lot of benefits. First of all, you will earn some pocket money for your favorite food or games. Second, you will gain some working experience, which is very crucial for your future career. Third, you will make a lot of friends! Today, I will talk about how to apply for a part time job in the University of Minnesota.

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March 6, 2008

Money, money, money!

Apart from achieving excellent results in examinations and outstanding records of volunteering works and leaderships, financial needs also play important role to ensure that you will graduate from a college with flying colors. As an International student, financial needs are much more intense as we have to a large amount of tuition fees, a substantial amount to most people, especially those who come from countries that have a lower currency value than United States dollar.

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Money, money, money!

" »

Are internships and volunteer work that important?

Well, i would say it is very important. It might sound something so obvious to some people, but for me i didn't really
know the importance of gaining experience while you are in school. In Mongolia, where i came from, you just study hard until you are junior and then you can do an internship. But here, things are pretty different. You have to start volunteering or do internship from your freshman year. I find that the local students start volunteering and doing internship in their junior or senior in high school. As you get closer to graduate, and if you don't have any
experience then things get fuzzier.
Right now i am in that position. It is extremely hard to find a good internship without relevant work experience. So in
order to avoid being in such situation, let's start earning experience as soon as possible!!
You can go to Career and Community Learning Center at 345 Fraser Hall, . They can help you with finding a volunteering opportunity in the twin Cities areas. personally i think that volunteering is a very good start! Good luck!