April 17, 2009

Basketball NBA

Last Wednesday, I went to a basketball NBA game!! It was at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, just 10 minutes from the campus (by bus). The game was the last game of the season and it was between Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings.

P1030397 2.JPG

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April 10, 2009

Ten Things to Do on Campus on Weekends...

Weekends are great time for students to take a rest from classes. Apart from studying, cleaning the room, and doing laundry, there are also many other things to do on campus. Let's see my list of Ten Things to Do on Campus on Weekends.

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March 10, 2009

Clothes to wear

Today it is a very cold day in Minneapolis which follows two very strong winter storms from last week. Occasionally the University cancels classes if the storm is outrageous, but it is unusual (I enjoyed it only once in two years). So if I don’t want to miss classes, I have to be ready to leave the comfort of my apartment wearing the proper clothes.

I roll over on my bed to the window shortly after my alarm wakes me up, stretch my neck and head and very slowly try to open my eyes (at least one!) to see if the sky was clear and sunny. Shortly after and I would (wrongly) think that sunny days equals warm day… hahaha … I am so wrong! Who would think that getting dress is such a protocol? What a big deal!

Now, after almost two years I know that sunny days during the winter are tricky. I don’t check on my window any longer to see if the day is sunny…that is what technology is for! (Among millions of other purposes) I will talk about how to get dress for the snow, places to buy winter clothes, websites to check daily and hour-by-hour temperatures very important!, how to protect your skin (if you are interested too) and more…..nothing but a list of best practices!

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