May 1, 2009

How to Get Help From Boynton Health Service

During your college career, there might be some time that you feel that you need to see a doctor. If so, one of the best place to go is Boynton Health Service. Boynton Health Service is a clinic that has served university community for over 90 years. It is located right next to Coffman Memorial Union. I just got help there the other day, so I would like to share my story so that you would know what you have to do if you need help.

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April 24, 2009

SMART Learning Commons

There are many resources at the University of Minnesota that can help you succeed. The one that I would like to recommend here is an academic assistance service called the SMART Learning Commons.


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April 23, 2009

Internet-based tools -important websites to learn-

Once you have started classes, you will need to quickly pick up new tools. You will familiarize with many codes for classes, building names, make new friends, important website’s URLs to check your grades etc. We (international ambassadors) have been written on how to make new friends, places to visit, etc. But we didn’t talk about Internet-based tools! ….. And we all use it every single day! The University of Minnesota and every Department, Office, or Library has its own special website where you will find official information about your grades, registered courses, available textbooks at the library, events, and so much more information!

There are a few websites that I would talk about in this article because I am more than sure that you will use them either because as professor ask you to do so, or because the information it provides is really helpful. The names of this websites are: MyU, OneStop, ITLABS, Library, ISSS, and the UofM E-mail.

Certainly I can write down an extraordinary b-i-g list with all of the websites I daily use, but I don’t want to make you (the reader) feel overwhelmed. I promise that little by little you will find and add to your list of favorites as the days go by.


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April 16, 2009

5GB NetFiles Storage

I don’t think many students know this but current Staff, Faculty and Students are eligible for a NetFiles account. I have been used it for a while and I feel it’s convenient especially when you do not have a flash drive with you when printing in the computer lab.
- Step 1
To activate your account go to your internet account options page at If you are eligible for an account, the internet account options page will have a link for "NetFiles account options". Follow that link and agree to the information there to activate your account.
- Step 2
After activating your account you can log in to the system at

April 13, 2009

Health & Dental Insurance In America

University Health Insurance
When you come to study at the university of Minnesota, you’re required to purchase a health insurance from the university. The university insurance covers 80 % out of your medical expanse. The biggest reason why you need to purchase the university insurance is that an insurance company in your country might not cover whole medical expense here. It’s because medical cost in America can be quite different and extremely expensive compared to many other countries.

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April 7, 2009

Workshops and Events at the U

This is my last semester at the U of M, and I just turned in my first draft thesis to my advisor yesterday. Phew! It was a long journey of writing. Not easy, but definitely rewarding. I feel good and am happy to be back on this blog.

When I reflect on my two-year student life, I think about the amount of resources and opportunities available on campus. There are a variety of workshops, events, information sessions, and online resources, which you want to take full advantage of. For example, today I attended this workshop called, "Formatting the International CV/Résumé to the American Job Market." It was very informative and specific, clarifying how international students need to prepare their CV/Résumé in a culturally appropriate and effective way in the U.S.

I have listed some of the useful links below. You may get very busy with your own course work and projects, but keep an eye out for those events and resources that you will benefit from. There are a lot of additional opportunities out there!

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April 2, 2009

Need a mentor as a business student?

Life is tough for international student especially during our first year. We need to adjust to the life style here quickly, as well as the academic environment. That is why we need some experienced ones to be with us when we are not able to overcome the troubles. As a Carlson student, I would like to recommend two programs that mean a lot to me at some point.

-Carlson Buddies Program
In my freshmen year, I was involved in Carlson Buddies Program as a “little buddy”. Each “little buddy” matches with a “big buddy” based on the major and interests etc. I felt that I really enjoyed the time being with my “big buddy”. She, as a senior student in Carlson shared a lot of information and knowledge with me not only about the learning experience inside the classroom but also the opportunities outside the school. Furthermore, she introduced her friends to me and her friends might also hang out with me with their friends together which is called networking for all of us. I benefited a lot from it. The best thing of the program for me is that I still keep contact with my “big buddy” these days and the lifelong friendship is the most valuable thing that I took away from the program.

-Carlson Mentorship Program
Carlson Mentorship Program looks similar with the Buddies Program. However, the difference is that you will be matched with a successful professional from the Minneapolis/St. Paul business community or a professional outside of Minnesota. No wonder that the stories they talked about would be different from the ones that my “big buddy” told me. I always felt excited for my future with them because they just gave me too much insights and ideas. I enjoyed the feeling of being refreshed in mind. Because they are more “adult”, I would be more willing to expose my mistakes because they are more likely to understand me. Don’t be hesitated to ask, otherwise you miss the key part of the program.