March 2, 2009

Campus Connectors or Campus Circulator?!?

Ever wondered why it is University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus? Most of the posts on the blog will give many hints as to why it is that! And it simply because, in the Twin Cities area, the University of Minnesota has two campuses: one in Minneapolis and one in Saint Paul. It might happen during your registration that you have classes in both campuses, in which cases you will need to get around in an efficient and fast way. It might also happen that you have classes in the same campus, but because of either the time between the two classes (the shortest time is around 15 minutes), the weather (either heavy snow, rain..etc...) or other factors, you need a faster way to transit. Your answer: The campus connectors and campus circulators !

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February 22, 2009

How far away from the city are the campuses?

Some of your concerns might be whether or not you will be able to easily get to some grocery stores or retail stores from your apartment on campus. Another might be how close is the campus from the city (either Minneapolis or Saint Paul) and I would say if you like walking, Minneapolis is at a reasonable walking distance..Although I always take the bus to go either to Minneapolis or Saint Paul :)

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November 13, 2008

How to get a great price for your flight ticket

This is a great resource that I "steal" from my friend,hahahha. Trust me, it is very helpful!!!!

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November 5, 2008

Initial experiences of an International Student~

I was very excited, a few days before starting for USA from my home country, as I was travelling out of my home country for the first time. I was little apprehensive about finding a place to live in Minneapolis, that along with my excitement of going to a foreign country made me start my journey 3 weeks before the classes actually started. It took me days to figure out what my baggage should consist of as I had to follow the weight limitations imposed on the baggage by the airline authorities. I now know why they call Knapsack problem difficult after taking my Advanced Algorithms classes. And the day arrived, but it wasn’t an easy day for and I felt the journey to be much longer and tiresome than I expected. I took a train from my hometown to Hyderabad, and flew from Hyderabad to Mumbai, took a connecting flight from Mumbai to Chicago via London and finally another flight from Chicago to Minneapolis. The entire journey took more than 48 hours. And all I could do after reaching Minneapolis is sleeping for one complete day.

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Drive in America?

Now you're driving in your country, so want to continue to wheel?

Or, you want to learn driving in America?

Or, you want a driver license for your ID in America?

Driver license makes your life convenient here in many ways!

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April 11, 2008

Let's hit the road!

When talking about US, you may conjure up the image of “a country on the wheel?. I t seems like everyone drives in America. Therefore, is it necessary to get a car?
I don’t think so.

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April 7, 2008

Living off campus - using the bus system

I moved off campus about two months ago, and since then, have had to think a little more critically about transportaton. It was pretty easy to get to know the U of M bus system by going to this site:

On this site you can enter where you are, where you want to go, and it will tell you how to get there. One of my current roommates uses this bus system all the time, and has purchased a student MetroPass for $45 dollars a semester. The MetroPass provides unlimited free bus rides of all hours of the day, all days of the week. More can be learned about the MetroPass at the following website:

If you use the website to familiarize yourself with the routes and times, and just organize your time accordingly, the bus system can be very convenient method of transportation for a very low price.

March 7, 2008

How to get around!?

Well Minneapolis has a pretty extensive transportation system. Besides taxis, people mainly get around using buses. The main company providing those services is called Metro Transit. There are others, like Southwest, but Metro Transit can get you to almost every place in Minneapolis, Saint Paul or remote cities.

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