March 27, 2009

University of Minnesota & My Life's Goal

I think I am gonna devote this entry to talk about my life's goal and my experience here, at the University of Minnesota.

First, I would say that it's quite hard to say what my life's goal exactly is right now. I still have a lot of time to explore my career option. However, I can roughly say that my goal right now -- in the short run -- is to get a good education in order to get a good job. In a little bit more specific sense, I would like to know how devices, or technologies around us work. In other words, I would like to understand how we build a computer, how we make a telephone, and how we make other modern technological devices.

How my experiences at the University of Minnesota so far relate to my goal? Let's find out...

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March 4, 2009

Ready for school in mind and body?

No time to exercise during the semester?
I had the same problem that maybe many of you are having regarding to exercising and controlling your health, especially when we have little time to even get some sleep! I know that particular intervals of time during the semester you will not even think about getting close to the treadmill or the gym in general. I did this same mistake the first 3 semesters. Then I started to fill so tired, and completely bored of doing nothing but school related stuff. So at the beginning of this semester I changed my mind, and a little bit my schedule. I was determined to be healthier not only physically, but mentally too.
I will talk in this blog about working out and jump into the bike, and getting some quality time to relax and make new friends! It is amazing what happens when you open your circle of places, people, and activities just a little bit more ;)

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February 19, 2009

Minneapolis, one of the best places to live!

Believe it or not, Minneapolis/St. Paul is ranked 3rd best city to live in US by City Magazine based on health care, schools, housing, quality of air and so on. As rated by Forbes in 2007, it is the most affordable city in US. With the soon to be ready TCF stadium adding to the list of attractions, the ranking of the city should improve further.

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February 5, 2009

All about the U & the International Students

• Population (in general)
Fall '08
Students : Total - 66,312 Twin Cities Campus - 51,140
Faculty - 19,718 Staff - 14,554
• The U promotes the internationalization of the teaching, research, and outreach missions of the University of Minnesota:
– Study, work, intern, and volunteer abroad
– International students and scholars
– Funding opportunities
– Language-learning research
– Intercultural training
– International project management
– Visa-related services
– Databases of international resources
– Alumni abroad
– Bridging to China
– Outreach and information

There is an updated Annual Statistical Report that I want to share with you. It provides by International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

Here is the link:

I am very impressed by the numbers and figures in the report. I can see the trend is that the U is recruiting more Asian students. And among all the countries, China ranks the first.

• Useful info
International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), 190 Humphrey Center, 612-626-7100
Learning Abroad Center, 230 Heller Hall, 612-626-9000
China Center, 150 University International Center, 612-624-1002

If you want to know further information about the International Program of the U, you can always go to the web

February 3, 2009

Women in Computer Science...this is for YOU!

I should talked about this topic a loooooong time ago, I am sorry about it. I missed one of the Ambassadors meetings because of this conference, actually. This conference is one of the most popular ones in Computer Science, and it has a particularity: it is made by and for women! The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computer Science annual conference takes place in different and exciting locations that always surprises everyone!

This special conference is oriented to Master and PhD female students in Computer Science or related fields.

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January 31, 2009

Best Location!!!

You probably have heard so many reasons why the University of Minnesota is an academically great choice for you. Therefore, I will not talk about that in this posting. I will instead focus on why the location of University of Minnesota makes it a great choice. Believe me, this is one of the most important factor as well, especially for international students. Let's go and find out why.

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January 30, 2009

My email reply to a Star Tribune writer

Recently, I was contacted by a writer from Star Tribune, discussing how and why I decided to study in the U. I post my reply here in order to give more information to people who are interested. I would like to share more with you if you have follow-up questions.

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November 9, 2008

Life is comfortable because...

In my previous entry, I briefly shared my story about my initial choices between joining a distance learning program (offered by a different institution) and applying to the U of M. As I have chosen to come to the U and extremely happy about the decision, I would like to write some more about the environment that I enjoy in the Twin Cities and on campus.

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November 3, 2008

To come, or not to come?

Two years ago at this time, I was working full time in Japan. I was already determined that I would apply for the program at the University of Minnesota ("U of M," or "the U" as we call.) It wasn't necessarily an easy decision for me at the beginning of my career search, but now I am happy to say this loud:

"It was definitely the best choice that I have made!"

So just in case you are still wondering about your options, let me share my thoughts on my journey.

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April 6, 2008

How is life, study and weather here in Minnesota?

Recently, a prospective student from Malaysia asked me those three questions and I had replied to it personally. I just thought that I can share this with more people who read the blog as well. Just a quick note on the word course. The word "course" in Malaysia equals to the word "major" and the word "course" in America usually refered as "subject" in Malaysia. Just thought it is necessary to point this out.

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March 6, 2008

Why this cold freezer?

Sometimes when I am lying on my bed, looking outside the window, I can't believe that I have been away from home for almost half a year. The fact that I am already a College student is so amazing! It always reminds me how tiring but significant the whole application process is to me…

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Be here...

No one would deny the importance of college even if Bill Gates. It is crucial to choose the right college to attend as far as my experience is concerned. Now as a freshman of U of M, I feel so lucky that I’ve made the right decision for my life.

In the process of applying, I was thinking about working in business field in the future, and Carlson School of Management is undoubtedly among the top business schools in the US. Furthermore, due to the great location of twin-cities, home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 company headquarters, including Northwest Airlines, 3M and General Mills, there would be plenty of opportunities for either internship or work. Hence, UM is definitely a great attraction in light of career prospects, and it is not the whole story.

As an international student, I was greatly attracted by the blended culture of US. And UM is such a diverse community where you can meet all kinds of people, students and scholars from over 130 countries! Isn’t like a place called “United Nations??

Everyday, I’ve been enjoying my life in UM, and I strongly believe that UM is a good choice for future!

March 3, 2008

It is a lot more than liking cold...

Being an international student, you would always face a question "Why University of Minnesota" and even being a junior I still have to answer it. But when I was a prospective student and now when I am a junior, I believe there are many things I should have thought of before, and many things I wanted to think about, but lacked the resources that i could use to clear my queries. But you guys have us!

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March 2, 2008

Why I became a Gopher...

Well, this is going to be a lengthy entry, because my road to the University of Minnesota was a long one. As I mentioned in my introductory entry, I play ice hockey for the University of Minnesota Women's Team. Depending on where you are from, or what your background is, you may be unfamiliar with the college sports scene in the United States. To put it simply, Division I college sports in the United States are a very big deal. Many college sports teams are glorified to the same point as professional sports teams. As such coaches will travel around the world to seek out their players and then recruit them and try to get them to come to the University of Minnesota to play for their team. This is how my exposure to the U of M began....

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Why U of M?

I transfered to U of M from one small college in North Dakota. The reason i chose U of M is that i thought the city size just was perfect for me. Too big cities seems crazy to me. And U of m has a very good reputation among the universities in the US. When i came for registration at the university, the people were so friendly. I am very glad that i chose U of M.
About the weather, it wasn't a big deal for me since i came from a pretty cold country :)

March 1, 2008

How come you chose one of the natural fridges to study?!?!

Well my answer would be that, I didn't really choose. I was advised by my brother - who was studying Bmen (Biomedical Engineering) - that the University of Minnesota is a really great place to major in what I wanted. And I am liking it so far!

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February 29, 2008

Why did I come to the University of Minnesota?

There are three main reasons which made me decide to come to university of Minnesota.

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February 28, 2008

Still hesitating? Check this out!

During the last few months since I first came to the University of Minnesota, there have been many people asking me the same question that is “Why do you choose this university?? To answer this question, I would like to bring out three main reasons.

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Making the right decision!!

It is time for most people to decide which University to go to after receiving their acceptance letter from the universities that they have applied. Some will be accepted to all the universities while others will have fewer acceptances from the universities. Thinking back on how I decided to pursue my Bachelor degree in U of M, I always laugh at myself.

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