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A letter for my friend :)

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Dear, My beloved friend.

I know you are really scared now, because I was very scared at first too. I still remember the anxiety I felt at the Vancouver airport while waiting plane to transfer to Alberta. I was so tensed when I said hello to my host family for the first time. You will face a lot of difficulties you never expected when you are in your home country. Even, I was so nervous when I ordered coffee at the Starbucks for the first time. I wanted to order "white caramel macchiato" but because they couldn't understand my pronunciation I ended up order "just hot coffee please."

I was so embarrassed and upset about myself but, please my friend, don't be afraid. I want you to more brave and confident about yourself first. You are an international student and I know we are so proud of it. Just remember, you are a foreigner who wants to "learn" English. You don't have to be as perfect as like a native speaker of English. When you learn something, especially when you try to learn languages, making mistakes is so natural and important process. Don't be shy. If you are shy, you are just a nonnative speaker of English who are literally "at" the land of America. Don't forget why you are there.

Last thing, I want you to remember that you should learn how to love yourself. Actually, I'm still struggling with that too. Language is not like a math. What you know doesn't mean what you can do. People might treat you like an idiot just because you cannot speak English well, even though it is not true. Whenever I should face with the fact that I cannot be a native speaker, I try to love myself more. Please don't kick yourself for not being fluent in English. You will eventually be so much better.

I hope you feel better after reading this :)

Michelle Hyoeun Chun

University of Minnesota Job & Internship Fair!

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Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to write about Career Fair that I went last week.

University of Minnesota holds "Job and Internship Fair" every year for the students. It is the biggest student career fair in Minnesota! More than 200 organizations will be there recruiting for hundreds of jobs and internships. The Job and Internship Fair is open to all U of M undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alumni.

This is a great opportunity not only to navigate your job options, meet with the employers, ask questions that you prepared, but also to practice your interview skills
One thing I noticed was this is a place you can actually "interact" with the companies in person. In fact, there are interview rooms were prepared, so if you scheduled an interview session, you can have interview with (possibly) your future employer!

There are few things that you may want to prepare

-Bring your student ID to get in.
-Bring copies of your most updated resume
-Dress professionally
(Actually, I was very surprised how this event expected me to be very professional)
•Women: Professional-looking dress, dress suit, or pantsuit; clean and comfortable shoes
•Men: Suit or jacket; shirt and tie; clean and comfortable shoes

-Check Parking info and directions (And free shuttle will be offed by UofM)
-A free coat check will be available.

First thing, you need to register. This year, I paid 10$ for pre-registered.

Second, Update your resume and take copies with you. For advice about creating a resume, see this Resume Guide, or look for more info on your college career site.

Third, Find out which companies will be at the Fair. Do some preliminary research so you can target a few (3 to 5) companies that truly interest you. This is very important for opening a conversation with the company.

Find out the company's size, general history, product(s), target market(s), and competitors. Good sources of information for that include:

•The company's Web site and annual report (often found online)
•Libraries. Use your public library, or business libraries such as the University of Minnesota Business Reference Library and St. Paul's James J. Hill Reference Library.
•Career Centers: Try your campus career services office or your local community's career center, where available.

These are the common questions you can ask for general information

•What types of career opportunities does your organization offer?
•What majors does your organization typically hire?
•What are the job responsibilities for that type of position?
•What are the most important qualities or characteristics you look for in hiring for that position?
•What are the most important skills necessary to do the job?
•What recommendations would you make for someone who would like to enter that field?
•Are you aware of related occupations that I would be qualified for with the background/major that I have or am planning to pursue?
•How did you get into the organization/career field? What is your background? How does it relate to the position?
•What are typical first-year assignments?
•Could I set up a time to visit you at your workplace to talk more about what you do?
•Do you know someone in your organization who does...?
•Do you have internship or summer job opportunities for someone in my major?
•Do you know of other contacts that might be helpful to me?
•May I contact you if I need more information?

Fourth, prepare a short script (just 2 or 3 lines) to introduce yourself with. Practice it and a firm handshake. In your script, try to include why you're interested in that company and the kind of position you're seeking.
I know, in some culture, having a "firm and confident" hand shaking is not very common, so be prepared :)

Lastly, be sure to follow up with the organization after the Fair

•Keep notes on your conversations and how you said you would follow up.
•If no business card is available, ask if the recruiter can be reached at the telephone number or address on literature. Information at the Fair may be more current than materials found in a library or career center.
•Send thank-you letters immediately - within two days if possible.
•If contacting by letter, refer to the date and location of the Fair, and jog the recruiter's memory of you. Mention any unique points you discussed so the employer will remember you.
•Any important information should be restated and emphasized.
•Reiterate your qualifications and include any information you neglected to mention.
•Proofread your letter and let someone else look it over.
•You may want to include a copy of your resume.

Are you ready to be meeting your future job opportunities? Be confident and Positive, that is the last key!

Good luck!

My digital story

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Hello My friends!

Since this is new year, I was looking back of my study abroad experiences at the University of Minnesota.
If you are an international student, sooner or later, you may go through transition period during your study abroad.
It doesn't necessarily imply anything good or bad, but this is time you need to overcome and adjust yourself with the new culture that you faced.
So, I made a short digital story about myself!
Hope it will help you to understand my transition at the University of Minnesota

Wait, what is a digital story?

Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. As with traditional storytelling, most digital stories focus on a specific topic and contain a particular point of view. However, as the name implies, digital stories usually contain some mixture of computer-based images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and/or music

In short, this is a new way of sharing one's own story by using the digital technologies :)

Actually, I made this for one of my class project assignments.
It may look like something requires a lot of difficult technical skills.
Well.. yes it kinda does. BUT ! Don't be scared!
University of Minnesota has great resources and the staffs who can help you.
By the way, If you confront any difficulties, it is always helpful to check which resources University can offer!

First, I made an appointment with one of the staff who can give me technical helps at Walter library. Every libraries of U of M have media consultant.
The Walter/Wilson SMART Learning Commons does have iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, and Screenflow on the Macs and Adobe Premier Elements and an older version of Windows Movie Maker for the PC.

Also, as a class, we (me, my classmates, and the professor) planned every step by step, together and the end of the class we presented own digital stories' in front of the class.
It was one of the greatest moments of my university life!
We shared a big part of each other's lives through this project.

I hope you can enjoy mine too!

Please Click to Watch Michelle's Digital Story


• The Writing Center
• Free Camera Rentals
• Examples of Digital Stories (These show you what a digital media story is but the content is different that you have to include in your story.)

ESL program at the University of Minnesota!

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English Literature major. I'm pretty sure it is not a common major to have among the international student. I got a lot of question regarding English.
"How could you survive?"

My answer is, "I would not, if I didn't prepare myself."
English skills are necessary to survive in American college as an international student regardless of their major.

There are few tips for the students who need to improve their English skills through MELP program at the University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota has ESL program call "MELP" (Minnesota English Language Program).
For more than 40 years, the University of Minnesota has led the way in ESL and TESL training. Students have access to a wealth of academic resources, exceptional faculty, cutting-edge technology, and other facilities at one of the largest research universities in the United States.

MELP offers three distinct services:

Academic English Program - Credit classes for students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs who are seeking to improve their English language skills while taking other academic course work.

Intensive English Program - A program designed for students who need to improve their English skills in preparation for study at a University or college, and for those who wish to prepare for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Short-term Learning - Customizable training for groups of 12 or more non-native English speakers.

TOEFL score preparation course

Professional English Course

As an international student, I strongly recommend taking ESL classes both for prospective students and current students who need extra English skills.

1. It will help you to improve not only your basic English skills but also essential academic English skills for university student.

- you may not have any problem to just "live" and "communicate" in your daily life. For being a successful college student, however, you may need extra academic skills!

2. It will help you to prepare yourself

-Jumping into hard major classes can be a lot for most of the students !
Lets take a step by step with MELP Program!
In my case, it help me to adjust myself into University life.

3. You can earn credits though ESL classes as well

- A lot of current international students do not know you ESL classes are also counted as credits!

4. You can meet a lot of friends!

- This is your chance to meet many international students just like you!

If you have any question, please contact MELP at

Better Safe Than Sorry !

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Before I came to America, I heard a lot of rumors and myth about the land of opportunity.
Some of them were wrong, and some of them were right.
One of them was "A lot of stores will be closed at early time" and it is true.
In U.S, many stores close around 6~8 p.m.
(Also, I want to emphasize it totally depends on stores)
So, after evening, many roads are empty. Especially Minnesota gets dark earlier after winter starts.
You can see it looks like night even slightly pass 5'clock.
Although Minnesota is one of the safest places in the U.S, it is always helpful to pay extra attention to your safety!

University of Minnesota supports students' safety in many ways!

Safety is Easy. The Pavement is Hard. Pedestrians, bikers, and drivers: Here are some simple safety messages to keep in mind as you navigate campus.

The Stand Up campaign has been designed to help prevent sexual assault, campus crime, and excessive drinking. Stand up and do what's right.

TXT-U, the University of Minnesota emergency notification text messaging system.

624-WALK, a free walking or biking security escort service to and from campus locations and adjacent neighborhoods, available to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Gopher Chauffeur, a free door-to-door van service offering rides on and near campus.

•Wide-ranging safety and security measures in residence halls and apartments.

•Twenty Code Blue Phones for immediate connection to the 911 operator at the University Police station.

A variety of University departments involved in planning for and responding to emergencies.

•900 security cameras monitored around the clock.

•200 yellow phones for emergency, medical, and safety-related calls.

yello phone.jpg

You do have any Tech problem?

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Hello Everyone !
Do you know about computer/laptop well?
Are you good at fixing things?

Sometimes, I realized I'm not very tech savvy.


laptop not working.jpg

OK, I need to admit. I'm a person who always panics out if my laptop doesn't work.
You may say, "What's a big deal? You can always bring it to the repair shop and fix it."

BUT, if you are a college student, it turns into a totally different story.

I couldn't live a single day without my laptop. Also, I'm pretty sure most of students will feel the same way.

Let's think about it. For example, you are working on three different essays - One of them is for your final term paper. Also, you need to read two articles by tomorrow that your professor uploads on your class website (we call it "Moodle site") You are waiting your TA's reply about tomorrow's quiz. Because you don't want to bring all the papers with you, you saved all of lecture notes in your computer. On top of it, you need to submit your essay on line by midnight.

Other than that, you need to call you family via Skpe, chat with your international friends, check tomorrow's weather before you choose the jackets, listen to music while you are studying, pay the rent through online banking, and check the bus schedule.



It can be very-insensibly-stressful situation for all of them.

University of Minnesota has a solution for these situations.
Please, visit Office of Information Technology (OIT)

They also have tech-shops on campus. So you can bring your laptop and meet a technician one on one in person. Please check their locations and office hours

If you don't want to wait, you can always make an appointment as well:

This is also technology requirement for prospective on-line students.

I believe these requirements are very useful. It can be applied not only for the on-line student, but also for EVERYONE who needs to use University of Minnesota webpages.

Also, you can even download safe anti-virus program for free

Please, don't forget "like" them on Facebook as well!

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce the biggest event among the international students is coming up! It will be presented by MISA which is Twin Cities' largest and the most active cultural organization, dedicated to bringing students from backgrounds across the globe together.

Where: Great Hall, Coffman Union
When: Saturday, 5th, November, 6-10 pm


Have you ever been to the Feast of nations?

13 different student organizations will participate and collaborate together for the biggest culture event in University of Minnesota. You will experience the diversity through mingling with people who have different cultural backgrounds. Also, they are preparing cultural shows to celebrate and appreciate all the different cultures at the U of M!

What can we expect?
1. Runway with Cultural Costumes!

fashion show3.jpg
fashion how.jpg

Haven't you curious about traditional cultural costumes from different countries? You can meet models with dazzling cultural costumes from around the world! Many of models are actually students at U of M, so you might able to see familiar faces on the runway!

2. Talent Shows

talent show.jpg
talent show2.jpg

Also, you can see what other students have prepared for you. A talent show is an event where participants perform their talent or talents of acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics, drumming, martial arts, playing an instrument, and other activities to show a unique form of talent.

3. Culture Food


new food.jpg

You can have exploration of culture through food. What we eat, how we acquire it, who prepares it, who's at the table, and who eats first is a form of communication that is rich with meaning. Also, this is good chance for you to try new food from new culture. You never know! You may find your new favorite dish at Feast of nations!

4. Meeting new friends!


new mingle.jpg

This is also a great chance for you to meet new people from different culture. You can simply initiate a small talk with people who just sit next to you. When different cultures are mingled, there are so many interesting things to share. Let's celebrate diversity!

ALSO, please check out their YouTube video :D

Need some help for your writing?

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When I introduce my major/minor, people usually surprise and ask me back "English major? But you are not a native speaker!"
(Actually, I really want to say English major is actually really fun if you like reading and writing.)

I was born and raised in Korean until when I was 21 year old. Although my major was English before I came to U.S., I didn't have any confidence in my English.

I still remember how I was frustrated when I couldn't even order my favorite coffee at Starbucks. I wanted to order "caramel macchiato" but the worker couldn't understand my pronunciation. I was shocked and embarrassed.

So, I was very scared when I declared my major as English major. However, I really enjoy my University of Minnesota life as an English major student now.

However, I think, English should not be the reason which lets you down. There are TONS of resources to help you out in University of Minnesota. Today, I want to introduce "writing center" in University of Minnesota. Writing center is one of the helpful resources for your essay assignments.

Are you still afraid of using English? Don't give up!
You can be so much better. (We should admit the fact English is you Second (or third) Language to you. It is natural that you are learning by making mistakes.

If you haven't had chance to visit writing center, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Writing center is always ready to help you.

There are three ways to use writing center

1: Appleby Hall writing center: (room 9)


You can walk-in without making an appointment. (So, you might need to wait little bit. However if you didn't have time to set an appointment, you can always visit here!)
Recently, they add Nicholson room 15 to have walk-in hours as well. Hooray!

2: Nicholson Hall writing center: (room 15)


You can make an appointment on line (mySWS) (it is very easy). You can even choose the adviser who has the same (similar) major with you. Because you will let them know what type of paper you will bring, they can jump into your paper right away!

3: on-line writing center:
You will submit your paper and question online. Your adviser will send you back your paper with corrections and answers to your question. The greatest part of on-line writing center is after you got a reply from your adviser, you can have follow-up chatting with them!

Yes, many of us are non-native speaker of English
which means, we can speak more than two languages ! :)

Check it out voices from Minnesota's multilingual writers.



Hellowww !!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Hyoeun Chun but a lot of people call me "Michelle"
because my Korean name "Hyoeun" is hard to pronounce
(Its OK, even many Koreans cannot pronounce correctly.. )

I'm from Dae-jeon, Korea. I'm a transfer student and this is my third year in Minnesota.

My major is English and minor is TESL.
It is stands for Teaching English as a Second language,
(Currently, it is changed into SLS which means Second Language Studies)

I'm also working at International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) as a student worker. If you visit ISSS, you may see me at the front desk.
We are ready to greet international students and answer any questions they may have!
If we are unable to answer their questions, we redirect them to the right adviser.

So, please feel to ask me (or, any of ambassadors) if you have any question.
I remember how much I was curious about university life in America before I came here!

I also worked as an English teacher, tutor, and interpreter.

I love coffee, reading, writing, chocolate, Disney, shopping, animals, traveling, taking pictures, collecting small things such as coffee mug cups, and making new friends!


Hmmmmmmm I love coffee ♥

만나서 반가워요 ! (Nice to meet you! )