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Why I chose U of M- Twin Cities

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Like most students I applied to several universities. I had to face the challenge of choosing the right university after I got acceptance letters from 4 out 5 universities I applied.

After much consideration I narrowed my choices down to 2 universities; University of Minnesota and Texas A & M University. Then I looked at U.S. and world rankings of the two universities. After I was done researching I knew for certainly where I want to go to continue my studies. 3 years later here I am as a senior studying HR at University of Minnesota.

Did you know that Minnesota is the base for 20 companies that are in the Fortune 500 companies list ranging from Business, technological, food & health services. Every year these companies come to U of M to hire the best and brightest students.


One of the major reasons I chose University of Minnesota is because of the U.S. and world rankings. Let take a look at some of the current rankings:

•According to the 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is ranked 28th in the world.

•According to U.S news & world report's 2012 ranking, University of Minnesota undergraduate program is ranked 68th in US.

•According to Center for Measuring University Performance, University of Minnesota is ranked among the top 25 of the nation's research universities.

Apart from being a top ranked university, the schools and the programs offered here at U of M also have good ranks.

Currently Chemical Engineering program at U of M is ranked at #3 while Economics is at #10 in U.S. There are many more majors in the top 50 ranked programs. Click Here to see the entire list of rankings.

Here are some more statistics about various Ranking University of Minnesota holds.

The other reason I chose University of Minnesota is because of the lower tuition rate they have for International students compared to other top ranked universities.

I'm glad that I chose University of Minnesota to continue my education.

Studying at a research University that has a good overall rank, you are guaranteed to receive the best education at a reasonable cost.

What more can a student ask for?

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ISSS Programs

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International Students & Scholars Services or ISSS as we all know is one of the first offices we will be visiting after we arrive in Minnesota. From the time we visit ISSS to do our document check-ins until we graduate ISSS will become our non-academic advisory place with experienced, knowledgeable & friendly staff providing us with various information and resources that is important for us (International students) to stay in US and continue our studies.

Apart from providing us with information, resources & advice to survive and prosper in U.S. ISSS also functions as a bridge
Washington Ave bridge.jpg that connects International and U.S. students through variety of programs that engages international students to get involve in campus life and share knowledge, perspectives, cultural value & food we bring from our countries with American students and also learn more about America and it's culture through U.S. students.

Explore the choice of programs ISSS has to offer for international students. Let me share some of my experience with you about the programs I'm involved in as an International Student.

International Buddy Program
:is a Mentor- mentee/buddy program giving an opportunity for International students to get to know a current International or American student studying at U of M-Twin cities campus before they arrive in U.S.

Cross-Cultural Discussion Groups : Provide an opportunity for both International as well as U.S. students to meet once a week as a small group (7-8) to share cross-cultural experiences, personal thoughts, and feelings in a relaxed & friendly environment.

International Student Ambassadors : Is a program that helps prospective International students see and understand life in Minnesota and U.S. through the eyes and experience of a current International Student.

These are some great opportunities provided by ISSS for us International students to broaden our minds about other cultures including American; while sharing our own culture with other students making University of Minnesota a more culturally diverse campus.


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College life sometime can be stressful, taking 13+ credits to maintain visa status and also to graduate on time is not an easy task. On top of that working 20 hours a week, and making time to socialize with friends is usually a typical week for a student in college. Balancing studies (what we here for), work and life is sometime can be stressful.

Watching a movie, listening to music, going to the rec center for a swim or a friendly game of cricket are my ways of coping with stress.

Sometime it is hard to cope stress by yourself, that why U of M-TC campus offers various resources to help students, staff, faculty to overcome the stress.

Student Mental Health

Boynton health services- Mental health clinic

University Counseling & Consulting Services

All of these places around twin cities campus have experts counselors and they provide quality services for students dealing with stress & other psychological related issues.

So next time if you feel stressed-out because you having trouble balancing life, work & studies, try to take a break from all of it & just relax. If you still having difficulty coping with stress talk to a counselor to get right kind of help and assistance.

Choosing a Major

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When you meet someone new on-campus the two most commons questions you will be asked are, "What's your name?", "what you studying/majoring?". I have heard many saying "I'm still undecided".

I wasn't sure what I wanted to major during my 1st year as a student. That when I decided to meet my adviser and he told me to go to a my college career center, there I met with a career counselor and she gave me a "Skill assessment" to fill out. After completing I met with the counselor and she explained it to me & help me identify my strengths.That how I end up choosing my current majors (Human resource Development, Business & Marketing Education) through CEHD.

If you're undecided or having trouble selecting the right major don't worry :-), there are plenty of resources available for all U of M Students. Here are some that majority of U of M students use to find the right major for them

1. Talk to your Academic Adviser, they are here to help you excel in you academic life.

2. Go to your college career center, (CSE, CLA, CSoM, CBS, CEHD,CFANS etc..) all have a career center to help the students.

3. visit CAPE, they provide action plans for students to help make important decision about academic as well as career.


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Hey! The title "Ayubowan" mean "Long Life" in my culture, with that said let me introduce myself to everyone. My name is Shehan Liyanage I'm a senior studying Human Resource Development and Business & Marketing Education at College of Education & Human Development. I transferred to University of Minnesota in fall 2008 from a community college in Sri Lanka. In my free time I hangout with my friends, go for a swim at rec center or play a friendly game of basketball or rugby with friends.

Since the day I got here up-till now it has been a great experience, meeting people from other countries, sharing cultural experiences and even going to class & learning has been a wonderful and amazing experience. It is a land of opportunities indeed, all you have to do is come explore the opportunities. At University of Minnesota you not just getting a topnotch education, you'll also become diverse person and accumulate great experiences, friendships that you'll cherish for rest of you life.

Once again Nice to meet you'll, feel free to leave a comment or a question if you have any & I'll be glad to help you.

Ayubowan ;-)