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Hey everyone!
My name is Minji, the new International Student Ambassador representing the College of Design. I come from a suburb of Seoul, called Bundang, in South Korea.

I plan to graduate in 2011 with Bachelor's of Science degree, focused on Interior Design. My experience at the U has been so great and I am just really excited to share it with everyone during my time of being an ISA. jenandi-.jpg

Being a student in CDes (College of Design) is really different than being in any other colleges. CDes has fewer international students among the colleges at the U. So.. if you are thinking about joining the design program here at the U, I hope to be one of your resources for all of your questions.

I love traveling. It probably is my favorite hobby of all time. The best way to adapt to the new environment is just go out and explore. I try to visit many different cities, states and countries in my free time. I visited many places in Minnesota as well. So just stay tuned for upcoming posts!! I will guide you to how to really enjoy Minnesota.

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Hi! I'm speaking on behalf of a friend of mine who is also Korean, and she would like to study in the UMN (quite possibly in interior design too). She and I are currently in China (long story) and we are in need of help from someone like you. If possible, please email me and my friend would like to ask you a few things in Korean.
Thank you very much and I hope we can get in touch!

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