Welcome to U of M!


Hello y'all!

Welcome to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities! My name is Mengyao Luan, an international transfer student from Qingdao, China. I'm doing Agricultural and Food Business Management major, which is in the Applied Economics department at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS).

This is my second year in America, I've enjoyed most of the time here and have been excited to explore new things everyday! Since the program I'm doing is in St. Paul, let me tell you something about the St. Paul campus, where some students have never been to :) I have to say: I love St. Paul campus very much! It's very clean, quite, and pretty. Since there are not as many students as they are in Minneapolis campus, it makes people feel very relaxed and calm. College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) is the biggest college there, so there are farms, horticultural labs, vet hospitals and green house in St. Paul. If you want to explore the beauty of nature, you should definitely go visit St. Paul campus.

There is also a dorm building there--Bailey Hall and St. Paul Student Center, which is like Coffman Memorial Union on Minneapolis campus. The 121 Campus Connector runs between Minneapolis and St. Paul campus. So, if you have time and want to explore the beautiful campus, just get on a bus and come to St. Paul!

Nice to meet you all and talk to you later.


I know this isn't exactly on subject, however i run a website using the same system as well and i'm having errors with my comments showing. is there a setting i am negelecting? maybe you may help me out? thanx.

My name is Chang Su, I am an exchange student from China.I am studying in SUNY at Albany, NY. I want to transfer to U of M next year, but I know very little about it,
Could I join you on QQ or Facebook?
My QQ number is 775031113

Thank you in advance!
Merry Christmas!

What a blog! I in reality like how it is organized. I am thinking how I might be contacted Whenever there is new content. I have saved your site thanks!

Hello Chang,

Thank you. You can add me on facebook and I don't use QQ. I'm back in China now so I can only get on facebook after I get back to America. :)

Happy New Year~~~

我是华中农业大学的一名大三学生,有些问题想请教你,如果有时间加我的QQ 492229411,谢谢

你好,谢谢你的留言。不过不好意思,我不用QQ,如果你用MSN的话,可以加我: luanmengyao@yahoo.com.cn,请注明您是谁,谢谢。

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