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Student Life

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University of Minnesota is a huge place with a vibrant community. If you are someone who is not only into reading this school is a right place for you. University of Minnesota has more than 400 groups organizations and associations ,ranging from the skydiving club to the Union of Students Speaking Russian. Everybody can find something which really makes him or her excited.

Questions about applying to U of M??????

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oh shoot!!! I'm late to write my blog. I thought I have to write it next week. That's what too many exams can do to a person. Exams can drive you crazy :) And when your football team is n a losing streak it's worse. But now it's time to forget all the @#$%# and write my blog. In this weeks blog I'm going to go through few questions I had before joining the U of M.

How do I apply to the University of Minnesota?

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I want to be a part of the University of Minnesota! How can I apply for the admission?

Have any question about U of M?

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Hello, everyone! :)
When you are choosing a university, you will have a lot of questions such as cost, class size, campus life, or even graduation planning. So, I'd like to give you some answers for these questions related to University of Minnesota.

Essential networking lets your dream come true!

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Hi all,
This school year has been already crazy busy with homework and projects. I believe most of you value academics as your number one priority. If you don't, you probably should.. :] But sometimes, don't you want to get some more feedback from other people besides your peer or professor?

Is this the State of Being Overwhelmed by Questions?!


Hey everyone,

As you go through your applications and your decision processes, I know that you are overwhelmed by tons of questions rocketing in your head! What... How...When...Where?!!!! As these questions are filling up your head, don't panic! Simply read my blog to get answers to at least some of these questions and feel free to email me from saric003@umn.edu for further questions. :)

"How much?"


While considering colleges, the cost of tuition and living expense is an area that matters as important as the others. So, "how much" does it cost to study in University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus? I'll take you to our Costs & Tuition website and share some experience of living expense with you today. :)

Why U of M?

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There are more than 2000 institutions of higher education in United States. I am sure you have asked yourself why University of Minnesota. The answer is simple. U of M is one of the best schools in the country regardless of what it is the most important thing for you in a school.

The Magic of the UMN

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The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities goes by different names. Some people refer to it as the U, the U of M, or the UMN. Just like its many names, the University hosts up to 50,000 students, scholars, staffs and faculty from various cultures and backgrounds. So why? Why did I decide to be a part of this prestigious and huge school?

Choose UofM and have the best of both worlds!

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Do you want to experience the true college experience? Choose UofM and you will not be disappointed. How do I know? I have been in the same boat as you are three years ago. Because there are so many pros for attending the U, I highly recommend you to come and join us! First, I want to introduce the campuses. Then, I am going to walk you through the each campuses and kind of give you a mini tour. After reading this blog, I hope you will get the idea of campus life at the U.

I'm happy to come to U of M!

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Finding the best college that fits in you well is really important since university life may change your entire life. If you are looking for the best college, I'd like to recommend the University of Minnesota.

Why Choose U?

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When it comes to the reason why I choose the University of Minnesota, I would list many, such as for its prestigious faculties, its reasonable tuition and fees, and its charming campus. However, what attracts me most is its cultural diversity. There are thousands of International students and scholars studying and living at the U. As a result, there are more opportunities to learn different culture and customs.

Why not U of M???????


I can't think of any reason not to choose U of M as your University. I've been here for one year now so far it's been amazing. I chose U of M mainly because they have a very good engineering college. It is also a top research university in the United States with a cutting edge medical school and science training facilities. In almost every ranking system in the country U of M is among the top 25 for Engineering. You can click on following links and check more details about the rankings.


To Attend the U or not to Attend the U? That's the Question!

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It is fall again with beautiful orange leaves all around us.. :) But wait, what other beauties does the U have here?

Why U of M?...!

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Before we applied for college, we must have done a lot of research on a lot of colleges. So, finally, we choose University of Minnesota, why? For the future students and potential students of U of M, let me tell you something unique about U of M and the reason I choose it!

Hey everybody!!!

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Hello!!!!!!! My name is Victor and I am from a country called Moldova. It is in eastern Europe in case somebody doesn't know. I am studying Economics in College of Liberal Arts which is the biggest school within the University of Minnesota.

I go by the name of A.S.A


My full name is Astari Widiastomo. Everybody calls me Asa. In Indonesian, it means hope. I am on my last year at the University of Minnesota, studying Communication Studies.

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