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University of Minnesota is a huge place with a vibrant community. If you are someone who is not only into reading this school is a right place for you. University of Minnesota has more than 400 groups organizations and associations ,ranging from the skydiving club to the Union of Students Speaking Russian. Everybody can find something which really makes him or her excited.

Gophers after dark are an organization in the university which is in charge of fun events for students, usually you can find something cool on Friday and Saturday evening. Also it is a good idea to see a movie in the theater in Coffman Union. The movies which are shown there are new. Usually you can see the movie there right after it is out of box office. And it absolutely free
If you enjoy going to sport event and fell the excitement when your team is winning than you probably will became a little sad because U of M has so many sport events that you probably wouldn't be able to attend them all. The tickets are usually very cheap. Another good idea may be to grab your friends and make your own team and compete with other U of M students.

If you are 21 and more years old contact me for more information. Picture ID required :)

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