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Naturally selected to study here at the U! :)

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Hi there,

In this blog, I am going to explain some of the reasons behind my decision of majors. For a heads up, I am currently double majoring in Genetics and Microbiology! :)

Push your creativity and talents at CDes!


Hello everyone,
As I mentioned in my other blogs, I am a senior student at CDes (College of Design) majoring in Interior Design. I am really excited to tell you about my major today.

Mechanical Engineering

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Heya all!!! ts getting cold in Minneapolis and finally we are getting snow this weekend!!! I don't know whether I should be happy or sad about it.

Anywayz this week's blog um going to talk about my major, Mechanical Engineering (ME).

Mechanical Engineering department


From Genetics to Communication Studies: Why Not?

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Genetics! Yes, I came to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with an intention to major in Genetics. Three years went by and I decided to switch to Communication Studies. Two completely different majors, aren't they? What made me change my mind? Cartoon Confused.jpg

What a amazing program!

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Hello~ everyone!
I can't believe the weather in Minnesota! It was supposed to snow alot in November. I heard it'll be snowy this weekend. Let's stay warm! :)
Anyway, today I'm going to introduce about my major, Human Resource Development in the College of Education and Human Development.

cehd.jpg(Click this picture to see the CEHD website! :D)

Best major ever!!!!

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There are many good major in the University but I have settled on Economics. Everybody will agree that economic situation influences our life strongly and I would like to know why we are in trouble right now and it is also cool to understand what those smart guys from TV are talking about.

Cultivate your future at the U

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University of Minnesota provides a lot of major programs. There are many colleges and schools at the U, such as the College of Liberal Arts, which is the biggest college in the university, Carlson School, which is focused on business management, Law School, Medical School and so forth. Here is the website where you could go to and check all the colleges and schools in the university.

My Program

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Hey guys,

How have you been? MN is getting seriously cold soon and I'm glad it's sunny this weekend. In this blog, I will introduce you the program I'm in, and hope it can help you get a better idea of it and U of M.

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