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Hey guys,

How have you been? MN is getting seriously cold soon and I'm glad it's sunny this weekend. In this blog, I will introduce you the program I'm in, and hope it can help you get a better idea of it and U of M.

My program is called Agircultural and Food Business Management, which is one of the two nationally ranked undergraduate degrees offered by Department of Applied Economics.
Beyond liberal educational classes, the major classes are a combinantion of Applied Economics classes and Business Management Classes -- that's the reason I like it. I like food a lot (I guess everyone do, right?), so I want to launch my career in the food business industry. The applied economics classes, which are on St. Paul campus, are taught by experienced professors who have worked in agrigultural economics area for a long time. At the same time, the business management classes in Carlson Business School, which is on west bank, help me put the thoeries I learned in economics classes into a business-related view. How helpful and useful that is!
Also, the class size varies a lot. Some are small classes of 30-40 people. Some are large classes of over 100 people. But, no matter how big the class is, I can always communicate with the professors and classmates by meeting up, emails, or office hours. So, this really helps me improve.

Hope you all have a nice week! :) Talk to you later.

Melody (Mengyao)

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