Mechanical Engineering

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Heya all!!! ts getting cold in Minneapolis and finally we are getting snow this weekend!!! I don't know whether I should be happy or sad about it.

Anywayz this week's blog um going to talk about my major, Mechanical Engineering (ME).

Mechanical Engineering department


I chose ME cz I love Math and Physics. I wanted to do Aerospace Eng but at the last moment I changed my mind to do ME. I think I made the correct decision cz ME is kind of a general degree for all the other Mechanical degrees. Once I'm done with my Bsc I can go to graduate school and do my masters in Aerospace or Automotive or Thermodynamics or w.e I like. That's the advantage of doing ME. It's a huge area of study. By the time you get in to your senior year you'll have an idea about what you want to do with your future.

When I started my degree I thought ME is all about machines. But that's actually not correct. Machines are Coooool but you can learn cooler things when you get in to the junior and senior year.

Mechanical Engineering divides in to four main parts.

1)Design and Manufacturing
3)Industrial Engineering
4)Thermal Sciences(Power and Propulsion, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Fluid Mechanics)

During the senior year you have the option to choose 4 classes out of 46 classes in above areas. By that time you'll have a better understanding about the classes you want to take.

And there's a very impressive Coop program at the ME department where you get the chance to work with a company for 1-3 semester and gain experience. And you get paid for working. I think the coop program here is the best among other engineering departments. It's a good opportunity for all the international students. This week I had three interviews. Now I'm waiting for a response from them.

One other good thing about ME is that you get a chance to test your knowledge in practical world. This semester I have to build a robot. Isn't it cool to have your own robot??? I just started building it and so far it's just a mess. But you have a very friendly and well educated staff at the ME department who are willing to help you any time.

I'm a junior now and so far I enjoyed doing mechanical engineering. Everyday you get to learn something new. But every nice thing comes with a warning ;) Studying Mechanical Engineering at U of M is not easy. You have to put lot of effort and time to it if you want to succeed. So it's not that kind of a degree you can get easily.

So that's more of a general view about Mechanical Engineering at U of M. If you want to know more about classes and anything else please feel free to ask. If you like to do Mechanical engineering don't hesitate! go for it!!!! That's one of the only few brainy decisions I made in life.


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