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ISA Open House 2010

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What is an open house?

I have been in the United States for three years but I did not know what an open house was when Beth Isensee, our program coordinator, mentioned it during one of our meetings. So for a quick answer, I went to wikipedia. According to them, an open house is an event held at an institution whereby its doors are open to the general public so as to allow people to become familiar with that institution and to gain information on it.

Why did we have an open house anyway?

Build a Better Bridge


Time flies. The 2010-2011 International Student Ambassadors have been with you for almost 4 months, and we all enjoy the time sharing our experience with you. This is the last blog for this semester, and we will be back after winter break. 

A class for international students


Hey Guys!!!
We had ISA Open House, at which we got to meet representatives from out college. CLA students met an Assistant Dean and we learn a lot of useful information. From that huge amount of information there is a thing I want to share with you.

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