Well, Minnesota's winter is world-wide famous--big snow, freezing temperature, thick ice--sounds scary, huh? Haha, don't be scared, even it's cold here in the winter, people still have lots of ideas of having fun. ;)


I went to ski a couple weeks ago--it was my first time and it was fun! (though I was very bad at it, lol) The place I went to is called Welch Village, one of many ski resorts in Minnesota. They have professional equipment which can provide you safety guarantee. They also offer classes for different levels--don't worry if you are a beginner or even have never skied before, like me, you can go to the class and learn it from very experienced coaches!

Indoor--Concerts, Play, Dance
If you are not a big fan of outdoor activities, you definitely can stay inside--sip some coffee, grab a muffin, and enjoy some art! There are many indoor places you can go to find wonderful shows, with student discount (very important, lol)--Northrop Dance, Guthrie Theater, Walker Are Center or just random coffee shop or bars with band playing music.
northrop_swanlake.jpgfriends' band.jpggreen-house.JPG

Hope you enjoy the life here beyond study! Stay warm, and love you!


Are you going skiing again? Would you chose it over sipping tea inside?

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