A Quick Glimpse on the Weather here in Minnesota


In Fall 2009, during my first semester here at the U, I took Arab1101 (beginning Arabic 1) class. Ok, now you will ask me how this would relate to my weather experience here at the U! Well, read my blog for details! :p

So, I was saying that I took this beginning Arabic Class to learn a new language. During the second half of the course, we were learning about seasons and appropriate Arabic adjectives for them. The professor would ask us how spring is, and we were supposed to reply with adjectives such as "warm, cold, cloudy, etc. But guess what happened? Almost 80% of my answers were different than that of my classmates that have been residing in Minnesota for some time.

The professor would ask "How is fall?" I would reply "rainy and cloudy," while everyone else would say "quite sunny and quite warm." That was the beginning of the "Oh-my-God-are you-kidding" looks from my classmates. But guess what? Nothing ended there. The professor continued "How is winter?" I said "cold and rainy" while everyone else responded "Cold, Icy, Snowy, Freezing." Carrying on the questions, the professor asked "How is spring?" I said "sunny and warm". What did the others say? Well, " Rainy and cloudy" Do I still need to mention the looks? :P
Luckily, we had a common answer in the end: How is summer? "Sunny, bright and hot!"

So, let me summarize, the points I learnt about Minnesota weather from my Arabic class:
1-Spring: Springs here are usually rainy and cloudy, but of course, there are sunny days!
2-Fall: Here, falls are pretty warm, with occasional rains and nice warm temperatures.
3-Winter: Raining is not common here in winter AT ALL! It snows, it is icy, cold and most of the times frrrrreeezing! BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
4-Summer: Summers are bright, sunny, and hot!

PS. Minnesota is a state where you can experience 4 seasons. Fall comes with its mystifying and charming leaves colored with the gold-red spectra. Winter has the beauty of "white." The city is covered with snow, the nature gives a relaxing break! Then, comes spring with temperatures above 0°C, when snow melts, and you get most of the rain. And of course, summer meets Minnesota with amazing breathtaking flowers of all colors, nice warm weather and energizing sun!

Stay tuned for my upcoming entries! Email me if you would like me to discuss a specific topic! Bye for now! :)


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