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Before you leave

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Hello future U of M students.
Summer is really close. I hope you are exited for it because I am. If you guys didn't confermed your enrolment, please do it as soon as possible because you have time until May first. It would be smart to start thinking where you will be living during school year. I personally think that living on campus your freshmen year is a great idea. If you want to live in one of the dorms, we will have to apply for on campus housing. The deadline is May 1st. Another option is to arrive some time in advance and to find a place to live. Those days when you will be looking for an apartment the cheapest place to live will be a dorm. You need to reserve a room in advance.

I am sure you want to do many things until you leave for college, so stop procrastinating. The close to flight time the busier you will get.

Graduation Season

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It is already April -- who can believe it?!!

Everytime this year, students laugh, students cry, and it's all for the same reason--graduation. Honestly, you probably won't feel it until your graduation year. I definitely can feel it, because it is my year this time. I came in college in 2007, after four years, I could be graduating in the summer if I stayed in my college in China. Since I transferred to University of Minnesota, I need one extra semester to finish school. Though I'm not technically going to graduate in May, my mind still tells me this is my year -- Class of 2011, and it's going to be tough for me to see my classmates and friends leaving school.

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