Graduation Season

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It is already April -- who can believe it?!!

Everytime this year, students laugh, students cry, and it's all for the same reason--graduation. Honestly, you probably won't feel it until your graduation year. I definitely can feel it, because it is my year this time. I came in college in 2007, after four years, I could be graduating in the summer if I stayed in my college in China. Since I transferred to University of Minnesota, I need one extra semester to finish school. Though I'm not technically going to graduate in May, my mind still tells me this is my year -- Class of 2011, and it's going to be tough for me to see my classmates and friends leaving school.

During my first one and a half year in college, I met the wonderful friends in my life. We went to class together, had lunch together, went shopping together... The most important, we supported each other and took care of each other. After my first semester in the US, I went back to visit them and here is a photo of me with my roommates.
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After being in the States for 2 years, I made some of friends from class. Since most of us are in the same major, we see each other almost everyday and I can't imagine how sad I will be to have class without them. :(

I also miss my friends in high school, who are separate all over the world now. We don't have the chance to see each other that often, but we still keep in touch and catch up with each other through the internet. Here is a photo of me and my roommates in high school.

I wish all my friends and classmates the best of the future. I miss you all.

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