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Good Bye!

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Finally, the finals are done!! I feel so free now :)
But I am also sad because my best friends are graduating this week, and I'm writing a good bye message as an ambassador!! Thank you for visiting my blog and all your support! It was so great time to share my stories with you. I will go back to home next week, but if you guys have any question, please feel free to ask! If you guys are traveling out of country, don't forget to get a signature at ISSS office!

Hope you guys have a wonderful summer break and keep in touch ;)

Midterms, lab reports, projects, finals, booking flights for summer, looking for summer volunteering opportunities, getting ready for another refreshing break, excitement to see friends and family again, the bitter sweet feeling of leaving Minneapolis...Whoaaaaaaaa! Wait a minute! Is it the time to say "bye"? Is it the time for you to plan for your college life? Is it the time for you to prepare for opening the doors of a more mature, more responsibility-demanding, yet the best times of your life? Are you ready for that???!!! :)

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