So, this is what they say "the beginning of a new Life??"

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Midterms, lab reports, projects, finals, booking flights for summer, looking for summer volunteering opportunities, getting ready for another refreshing break, excitement to see friends and family again, the bitter sweet feeling of leaving Minneapolis...Whoaaaaaaaa! Wait a minute! Is it the time to say "bye"? Is it the time for you to plan for your college life? Is it the time for you to prepare for opening the doors of a more mature, more responsibility-demanding, yet the best times of your life? Are you ready for that???!!! :)

Merhaba (Hi in Turkish) for the last time,

I am writing to say "BYE" to everyone. This is a bit cliche but I can't believe how fast the days passed by. Wow, we are almost there! o.O

So you have decided which college you will be going to in Fall 2011, and you are now probably busy preparing for your graduation ceremony and prom.

I can guess the bitter sweet feeling you may be sensing right now. Changes in life always terrify people and create "stress". Now, it is time to stay strong and be organized to prevent exhaustive stress. While you may be lost in the fun of meeting your classmates before you all seperate to go to different places for studying, please don't forget to keep updated with the requirements for the US visa. Don't forget to book your flights, and check out the orientation dates for incoming international students!

Enjoy the last few months with your friends, and have an amazing summer!!!!!

I will be around here, so you can always shoot me an email if you have any last minute questions. (



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