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Hellowww !!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Hyoeun Chun but a lot of people call me "Michelle"
because my Korean name "Hyoeun" is hard to pronounce
(Its OK, even many Koreans cannot pronounce correctly.. )

I'm from Dae-jeon, Korea. I'm a transfer student and this is my third year in Minnesota.

My major is English and minor is TESL.
It is stands for Teaching English as a Second language,
(Currently, it is changed into SLS which means Second Language Studies)

I'm also working at International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) as a student worker. If you visit ISSS, you may see me at the front desk.
We are ready to greet international students and answer any questions they may have!
If we are unable to answer their questions, we redirect them to the right adviser.

So, please feel to ask me (or, any of ambassadors) if you have any question.
I remember how much I was curious about university life in America before I came here!

I also worked as an English teacher, tutor, and interpreter.

I love coffee, reading, writing, chocolate, Disney, shopping, animals, traveling, taking pictures, collecting small things such as coffee mug cups, and making new friends!


Hmmmmmmm I love coffee ♥

만나서 반가워요 ! (Nice to meet you! )


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Hey! The title "Ayubowan" mean "Long Life" in my culture, with that said let me introduce myself to everyone. My name is Shehan Liyanage I'm a senior studying Human Resource Development and Business & Marketing Education at College of Education & Human Development. I transferred to University of Minnesota in fall 2008 from a community college in Sri Lanka. In my free time I hangout with my friends, go for a swim at rec center or play a friendly game of basketball or rugby with friends.

Since the day I got here up-till now it has been a great experience, meeting people from other countries, sharing cultural experiences and even going to class & learning has been a wonderful and amazing experience. It is a land of opportunities indeed, all you have to do is come explore the opportunities. At University of Minnesota you not just getting a topnotch education, you'll also become diverse person and accumulate great experiences, friendships that you'll cherish for rest of you life.

Once again Nice to meet you'll, feel free to leave a comment or a question if you have any & I'll be glad to help you.

Ayubowan ;-)

Hi Everyone!

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Hi all!
My name is Megumi Kuyama. I came from Japan to study Nutrition at College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. This is my senior year, and I spend most of my day on St. Paul campus:)

I transferred to the University of Minnesota in January 2009. My previous school had only 5000 students, so I was surprised by the size of this school, but I like this campus a lot now.

I am excited to share my life at the U and looking forward to getting to know you all!! Please feel free to ask me questions about college life, Nutrition, Japanese restaurants nearby, or anything!!

I know the school is getting busy and the weather is steadily getting colder, but I hope the semester is off to a great start for all of you:)

See you soon!

Nice to meet YOU

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Hey! I am Mengrou Cao, pronounce like Marilyn Monroe without the n:). My friends always call me Moro. I am Junior student in Carlson School of Management double major in Accounting and Supply Chain&Operation management. I am from Yunnan, China,which is located in the southwest of China. I have seen snow only three times before I came to Minnesota. This is one of the reason I chose University of Minnesota. I like Minnesota's winter because when it is snows, the world becomes brighter and quieter. Also, there are a lot of things to do in the winter here. I like making snow man and snow angle with my friends and my host family. Another exciting thing here is playing snowboard. I have to say I am totally falling in love with that sport. Look forward to seeing you in the U. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any question.


Heyloo everyone!

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SAM_0966.jpg Hey!

I'm Sugandha from New Delhi, the capital city of India. I'm a senior majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development in College of Biological Sciences . I started my college career as a freshman in U of M, in the year 2008. It was an entirely new experience for me because I was starting a new phase of my life away from home. I chose this university because it offers world-class education, research opportunities and multicultural campus community. I have been living here since 3 years and I totally love my university. It's like home away from home!

A little more about myself, I love to DANCE! I haven't received any kind of formal training but whenever I hear music I just can't resist myself from dancing to the rhythm.. heheh! Apart from that I like to spend time in my research lab, hangout with my friends, meet interesting and smart people like you and look through my pictures from childhood (because I think that I was super cute then :D.)

Anyways, if you have any questions about the university, resources it got to offer you, life as an international student, ways to get involved here or even if you need a friend to talk to, feel free to leave a comment. I wish you all the best in life and I hope to see ya soon :)


Greetings! Nice to meet you!

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안녕하세요, hi, 你好, Salam, こんにちは!
My name is Sol.
I originally came from South Korea, Deajeon.
I was born in Seoul, which is the capital city of South Korea.
I am the first child in my family, and I have one younger sister.
I came to United States about 6 years ago, and I went to Hill-Murray high school in Maplewood, MN. I attended HM for 11th and 12th grade, and I came to U.
Here in U, I am majoring in psychology, and double minoring in both Chinese and retail merchandising. This is my junior year as an undergraduate student, and I am in CLA. My major when I applied U was theatre, but after first semester I changed my major to psychology. Why did I change my major? I will talk about it maybe next time. In that way, I can draw some attention from everyone! ;-)
Throughout my life I have been in many countries. China, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and two other states in America. I think my previous travel experiences helped me grow up, and built who I am now. I really like traveling, photography, reading, horseback riding, playing violin (YES! I play violin), watching movie, and listening music.
Traveling other countries made me interested in learning other countries' cultures, and that was one of my reasons why I chose to become International student ambassador.
I am here to help you all. I'd like to get to know you all, and please let me know when you have questions!
I am so excited to meet all, and once again, nice to meet you!
And until next time, keep yourself warm!

Hola amigos!

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Hey everyone!

My name is Ricardo Juarez and I am an international student at the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. I am junior in the Mechanical Engineering department and have been living in MN for three and a half years overall. I could say that my favorite hobbies are watching movies, play soccer or FÚTBOL, I love to eat (probably not much of a hobbie more like a necesity lol) and go out and have a good time with friends.

Hello Everyone :)

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Hi everyone,
My name is Fatemeh (Some people are more comfortable to pronounce it Fatima!). You don't want to know my last name, as you wouldn't want to pronounce it! I am from Tehran, Iran. I am a junior majoring architecture here at the U. It is a lot of work, but I really enjoy it. I love chattering around whenever I am free, or not free. It doesn't really matter ;) I love any kind of sport, music, shopping, traveling, and having fun with friends.
I am looking forward to seeing you at the U.
Khodam, Fargo.jpg

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