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Hey! The title "Ayubowan" mean "Long Life" in my culture, with that said let me introduce myself to everyone. My name is Shehan Liyanage I'm a senior studying Human Resource Development and Business & Marketing Education at College of Education & Human Development. I transferred to University of Minnesota in fall 2008 from a community college in Sri Lanka. In my free time I hangout with my friends, go for a swim at rec center or play a friendly game of basketball or rugby with friends.

Since the day I got here up-till now it has been a great experience, meeting people from other countries, sharing cultural experiences and even going to class & learning has been a wonderful and amazing experience. It is a land of opportunities indeed, all you have to do is come explore the opportunities. At University of Minnesota you not just getting a topnotch education, you'll also become diverse person and accumulate great experiences, friendships that you'll cherish for rest of you life.

Once again Nice to meet you'll, feel free to leave a comment or a question if you have any & I'll be glad to help you.

Ayubowan ;-)

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