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4 Ways to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones :)

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Hey Everybody! I hope all of you guys are enjoying the festive season. Winter is already round the corner, which means that we get less time to spend outdoors. This is also the time when we start missing our families and friends, and seek alternative ways to keep in touch with them. In this blog I have shared some of the resources that could help you keep in contact with your loved ones.

Skype: It can make your living so easy as it lets you chat and video conference with your family and pals. These features are FREE as long as both the parties have access to the internet. In addition to that, skype also lets you make national and international calls at a fairly cheap rate.

Social networking websites: Websites like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut, have become more like a household name today. These websites let you share pictures, videos and messages with your friends and relatives. In addition to that you can even customize your privacy settings, and make your posts and pictures visible to only selected friends.

Emails: Very useful to keep in touch with those friends who don't own an account on any of the social networking websites. Emails are the best way to transfer large-sized files and folders to other people.

Phone: It is the most expensive option out of all. However, it can be really useful at times of emergency or when we don't have access to the internet. Companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Vonage offer international calling options from the United States.

Technology has truly made our lives simpler and easier by revolutionizing long-distance communication. I hope that you make full use of these resources to stay in touch with your loved ones :)

Halloweeeeeen :D

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Hola Everyone,

Its Halloween again, and we're all excited to see each other's costumes. I was wondering if any one of you knows about the origins of Halloween and the history behind it. As you probably know, Halloween is celebrated on October 31. People curve pumpkins and wear weird costumes. Halloween.jpg

So do you wanna know more about its origins now? Halloween is the Witch's New Year. It is time to celebrate Gods, Goddesses and Spiritual beings. It is the day Pagans believed they can communicate with the dead. It is a time to celebrate death and re-birth. This is where giving food and candy to children come from as they would leave food for the Ghosts, Goblins and spirits supposedly on the loose that night.

With Christianity spreading in Europe, the Catholics tried to eliminate these traditions by trying to have a holiday on the same day known as All Saints day. With passage of time, elements of Pagan's festival were incorporated into the Christian festival of All Hallow's Eve, or Hallow-Even, the night preceding All Saint's (Hallows') Day, hence the name Halloween.
Isn't it even more interesting now that you know why people celebrate Halloween in the U.S.?
I also Have a suggestion for you, try going to "Screamtown" . Its sooooooooo scary :)

Campus life 101

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Hi all!
I have to say, tonight was an awesome night for me.
I am taking campus orchestra class, and tonight we had a concert at Ted mann concert hall. We played Suppe, Berlioz, Wagner, and Holst.
It was a great night. If you are interested in finding out more events on Twin Cities campus, you can visit the website. For tonight concert, pictures are coming up soon!

But besides the great concert, what do I want to talk about today?
I'd like to go back to campus life 101, and I'd like to talk about health insurance and how to select classes. I am sure that all these topics (and other topics on our AWESOME blog are relevant to you all) are very relevant to all of you.
That is why I am here to help you to figure out.

So first of all, health insurance.
How to get one, and how much is it ?
Once you arrive in Minneapolis, unless you already purchased insurance, you have to purchase insurance as an International student. All International students are strongly recommended to purchase one from U of M. This program is part of student health benefit plan. You can review whether you need one or not by going through website, and look up the right side. Also you can visit ISSS office website.
How much is it? For each semester, International student has to pay $950 (at least this year it was). Most of the medical bills will be covered by the insurance, and sometimes you will have to pay the very small amount in case if the insurance cannot cover everything. But this is one of good ways to have insurance and use it whenever you need to go to have emergency care or see doctor.

Finally, how do I know which classes are for me?
I remember that in my freshman year, I had many questions regarding to what kinds of classes I had to take. I wasn't sure what area I wanted to study, so I wasn't sure which classes to take. I went to see my advisers, talk to professors, but I still had some problems. So one way I would recommend to all of you is taking freshman seminars! I know if you are not already admitted to U, you cannot look up some classes through onestop registration. So what you can do to look up for some classes is by visiting OFYP office website. They every year provide brochure for students to look up 2011-2012FreshmanSeminars.pdf. I attached a pdf file for 2011-2012, so you can look up! :-) This way you can learn a bit about the interesting area that you'd like to study, and see whether you'd like to continuously take the courses. If you are already admitted students, but still have some problems, I am sure this brochure can still help you. If you register for certain classes and decide to drop it after take it for several days, you can do that too. There are several registration guidelines that you have to follow, however. If you registered, and need to change regarding to register, you also need to look up here. If you still are looking for what classes to take, you can go visit classes search tool website to see more options that can help you to select classes. Make sure, if you are already admitted, check what to prepare before registration too. Each students have different registration rules to follow and different time.

Too many information to digest?
Don't worry, you can still ask us some questions if you need some help.
Don't forget that you can visit our ISA blog (undergraduate blog and graduate blog), and either leave comments or e-mail us.

Next time, I will come back with how to get on campus jobs.
If you are already in U.S, please do enjoy your own Halloween~ :-)

halloween photos.jpg



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College life sometime can be stressful, taking 13+ credits to maintain visa status and also to graduate on time is not an easy task. On top of that working 20 hours a week, and making time to socialize with friends is usually a typical week for a student in college. Balancing studies (what we here for), work and life is sometime can be stressful.

Watching a movie, listening to music, going to the rec center for a swim or a friendly game of cricket are my ways of coping with stress.

Sometime it is hard to cope stress by yourself, that why U of M-TC campus offers various resources to help students, staff, faculty to overcome the stress.

Student Mental Health

Boynton health services- Mental health clinic

University Counseling & Consulting Services

All of these places around twin cities campus have experts counselors and they provide quality services for students dealing with stress & other psychological related issues.

So next time if you feel stressed-out because you having trouble balancing life, work & studies, try to take a break from all of it & just relax. If you still having difficulty coping with stress talk to a counselor to get right kind of help and assistance.

Research - Time to Let Your Passion Speak

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Please imagine yourself,

You just had a fateful encounter with a discipline that you want to spend your four years for. You are so engaged in this area of study that it is so exciting to find news articles about it, and you cannot stop spending leisure thinking and talking with your classmates about the related subjects. When it comes to class projects, you devote yourself and spend extra effort on those. You almost want to marry your major, but you know it's legally, physically and ethically, impossible. Too bad...

The way I decided my major was not this dramatic, but one thing I recommend you is to express your love for what you study through research.


Independent Study
One possibility is to take a credit for research. This is called independent (or directed) study. You need to find a professor who agrees to let you work in his/her research. You earn one credit for this and write a research paper based on your hypothesis and findings.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
The name looks self-explanatory, but UROP is an one-semester-long program that provides you salary and opportunities to explore your interest and present your research project.

Below is how you can apply for UROP.

If you are already in a lab
If you are already working or volunteering in a lab, there is nothing to hesitate. Go to your professor to discuss the possibility of making a project for UROP.

If you do not belong to a lab
I was in this situation. You need to find somebody who will like you enough to let you be a part of his/her research, and this will be the hardest part even before you apply for UROP.
You might talk to your professors that you take classes with. When I joined the UROP, I talked to my professor and asked if there was an on-going or new research project and possibility to take a small fraction for UROP.

Now you can start application process!

Application Process
~research proposal~
Whether you know about how to research or not, UROP office wants you to write a short research proposal in which you explain what you want to find through research, how you will find, what you expect to find, and why your research is so important that the UROP wants to pay for it.

~Other application materials~
Then, you need to submit your personal information and how much you will spend and how you use a semester to finish your project.

~After applying~
Be patient. It will take about 8-10 weeks to hear back. When you almost forget about the fact that you applied, you will receive an e-mail from them.


If you are accepted, congratulations! Now you will do whatever you dreamt to do, make a poster to show off what you did, and speak in public at the end of a semester. This final symposium usually takes place in Grate Hall in Coffman Memorial Union where you will see the rest of the UROP participants from all the colleges.

During research, you will find tons of things that you cannot learn in class. It is the front line of any disciplines and a place you will find people who are so much into the area of study like you. If you are so much driven to discover, I am sure you will have a great experience☺

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce the biggest event among the international students is coming up! It will be presented by MISA which is Twin Cities' largest and the most active cultural organization, dedicated to bringing students from backgrounds across the globe together.

Where: Great Hall, Coffman Union
When: Saturday, 5th, November, 6-10 pm


Have you ever been to the Feast of nations?

13 different student organizations will participate and collaborate together for the biggest culture event in University of Minnesota. You will experience the diversity through mingling with people who have different cultural backgrounds. Also, they are preparing cultural shows to celebrate and appreciate all the different cultures at the U of M!

What can we expect?
1. Runway with Cultural Costumes!

fashion show3.jpg
fashion how.jpg

Haven't you curious about traditional cultural costumes from different countries? You can meet models with dazzling cultural costumes from around the world! Many of models are actually students at U of M, so you might able to see familiar faces on the runway!

2. Talent Shows

talent show.jpg
talent show2.jpg

Also, you can see what other students have prepared for you. A talent show is an event where participants perform their talent or talents of acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics, drumming, martial arts, playing an instrument, and other activities to show a unique form of talent.

3. Culture Food


new food.jpg

You can have exploration of culture through food. What we eat, how we acquire it, who prepares it, who's at the table, and who eats first is a form of communication that is rich with meaning. Also, this is good chance for you to try new food from new culture. You never know! You may find your new favorite dish at Feast of nations!

4. Meeting new friends!


new mingle.jpg

This is also a great chance for you to meet new people from different culture. You can simply initiate a small talk with people who just sit next to you. When different cultures are mingled, there are so many interesting things to share. Let's celebrate diversity!

ALSO, please check out their YouTube video :D

Favorite part of my major/department

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Hey everyone!!

I know it can be challenging to choose a major at the University, especially out of the WIDE variety there is and also since it is what will mostly define your professional career and your life after school. When I chose my major all I knew is that I wanted to do something that involved science in a practical manner and what I found it was the best fit was an engineering discipline. Then it was all a question of what I saw myself doing in the long run and what best fullfilled my interests which were and still are the different ways that the mechanical world works and moves. I know it ALL SOUNDS PRETTY NERDY but I am sure some of you guys like nerdy ;) .... And now about more than halfway into the Mechanical Engineering bachelor's degree I know I would not change it for any other discipline. It fit me incredibly well, involving all sorts of technical aspects with a hands-on experience that boosts out the creativity and ingenuity in you! In the department there are all sorts of paths that can be followed and if you have the interest in I am sure you can find the right road that includes your interests.
In the engineering department there are several INCREDIBLE research projects that take place.... Involving scientific and technologic skills for a better world and life. Here I am posting a couple of links of some projects that take place at the University of Minnesota from the campaign "Driven to Discover". I hope you enjoy them =)



Thanks for reading again!! and I'll be posting again soon!

Later laterrr,


Already Wednesday? Is everyone still alive?

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Okay, so I just wanted to quickly share this awesome music video.
I usually listen all kinds of music and this music has been my favorite for many years!
The amazing band name is Kuricorder Quartet/ 栗コーダーカルテット.
Kuricorder Quartet is a Japanese instrumental band.
They are playing Grandpapa's Eleven Month/ 할아버지의 11개월/ おじいさんの11ヶ月 (Please click to go to Youtube!).
I really loved their music, and I listen this music whenever I am stressed out too much with all the homework and tests.
This song helped me several times to get through the busy week!
So I am sharing with you all, hopefully you all will like this :-)

Hey all!! I'm pretty sure many of you must have come across circumstances when certain concepts in class make no sense and drive you nuts. These situations can be really tedious and de-motivating for any student. But don't worry, U of Minnesota has got a lot of FREE resources to help you overcome problems in academics. Some of these resources are the Smart Learning Commons, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE), University Counseling & Consulting Services and Center for Writing.

I would first start off with the Smart Learning Commons(SLC). I really like SLC because it provides tutoring in a vast variety of subjects, ranging from physics and chemistry to math and humanities. They are located in libraries on all three campuses- Wilson Library, Walter Library and Magrath Library. They even have test banks from selected courses- isn't that just AMAZING??! On the other hand, if you need information on other resources in addition to course help, then you can seek Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE). MCAE not only provides help with different subjects, but it also provides advising on internship opportunities, campus resources, scholarships and mentoring programs. However, sometimes college life can become so hectic that it might inflict mental imbalances in a student's life. In such situations, students can seek counseling from University Counseling & Consulting Services (UCCS). UCCS provides useful counseling to students about a variety of learning and success skill topics.

Last but not the least is my favorite resource, the Center for Writing (CW)!! Located in 10 Nicholson Hall, I have visited this place like infinite number of times. Every semester one can come across a class that requires writing essays. Now that nobody is a genius, we can need help with brainstorming ideas, writing an outline or even proofreading the final draft. CW provides individualized writing instructions, both face-to-face and online to students. I highly recommend you to check out this place if you ever need help with writing essays for a class or even for graduate/professional school applications!

So, that's all I wanted to share with you today. I hope you found these resources helpful and would make the best use out of them. However, let me know if you want to know more about any of these academic services, I would be more than happy to tell you. Till then take care and good bye. :)

Are You Here or Still Back Home?!

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The more technology improves the more we get cool staff out of it. The more technology improves the more communication means we get. And finally, the more technology improves the smaller our world becomes. I guess what is more important for international students, is the communication part, of course! So, I want to introduce you to some of these cool communication tools that we've got here :

Facebook (on top of anything else)




I can't think of anything else at the moment!
So which one would you choose to communicate with your family back home? Obviously Facebook and Twitter belong to your devoted friends, so I'm not going to mess up with them. What about Skype and ooVoo?
I personally prefer Skyping with my family, just because I think Skype has a better sound and picture quality. But what matters now is the question of when and how often? I sometimes see my parents every day, or even twice a day. That's a lot!! You know we, Iranians, are very family oriented. That might be very odd to a Native American. But let me tell you something, what I just told you, is even odd for an Iranian! It is just as if I am still living in Iran. I know it shouldn't be like that. Maybe that's because I have missed them so much. But, the more you see them and talk to them, the more you miss them. I need somebody to tell me what I am telling you; limit your communications with you family, your are not any more living with them!

Welcome to Seol's Pre-Campus Life 101

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Welcome back!
I wanted to talk a little bit about two things before I tell you all about how fun the school life, and campus life!
Two things are...
1. What should I do?! I just arrived at the airport!
2. Mr. Housing and Residential life, where should I live?

So before we jump right into the campus life 101, let me tell you my first day at U.
I still remember the day I came to U of M. It was night when I arrived here from South Korea, and I was lucky that I had somebody who helped me to move in. But I know many International students don't have any relatives or friends to ask when they first arrive at St. Paul International Airport (MSP). So how can they come to campus? Of course there are many options of taking bus, train, or taxi, but there is another option, better option, that you can choose!

Gopher Chauffeur is a good way to arrive on campus free. The program is through Boynton health service . This program, unfortunately, is only available right before the semester begins. For more informational, you can contact Julie Sanem, Advisor(jsanem@bhs.umn.edu). At least now, you don't have to worry how to get here.

Now you are arrived on campus, do you have any specific resident hall or apartment on your mind? If you do not, don't worry! We have plenty places where students can live. We have Bailey Hall (St. Paul campus), Comstock Hall (East bank), Middlebrook hall (West bank), Sanford Hall, Centennial Hall (SuperBlock), Frontier Hall (SuperBlock, freshman-only living), Pioneer Hall (SuperBlock), and Territorial Hall (SuperBlock, freshman-only living) as a residential hall. We also have on campus apartment buildings, and University Village, Roy Wilkins Hall, and Mark G. Yudof Hall are the apartment buildings. Every buildings have unique advantages, and as for the International student I would strongly suggest to go over each website. If you are arriving earlier, then Centennial hall has International Reception Center program where you can apply to make reservations to stay there for several nights. I believe the cost is $21 per night, and it is better to stay there. I myself arrived U this year one week earlier for pre-welcome week training for welcome week leaders (through OFYP- orientations and first-year programs). I had many suitcases, and I wasn't feeling comfortable going hotel by myself. Besides hotels can be very expensive... One thing that I recommend is that when you choose where to live, make sure whether your-choice residential hall opens during breaks. If you live in apartment, you don't have to worry, but each residential hall has different schedule of opening. For example, Middlebrook hall opens during winter break without any additional cost, but comstock hall isn't. I attached the file Detail information.pdf that you can review the appropriate information regarding to this (p. 23&24). So please check out if you are interested in! :-)

One quick note: you can preview the meal plan and board rate by going... here!

I hope you found great help from here!
The weather is getting cooler, so take care and don't forget to visit us back later for campus life 101!

bailey copy.jpg Bailey
jpg Middlebrook
sanford.jpg Sanford
UofM_Centennial-221Thum-9774.jpg Centennial
2.jpgRoy Wilkins Hall
yudof.jpgYudof hall
...and finally University Village!

Please understand that I couldn't find the right images for super-block...

Fan Facts about CFANS - Come to Taste Our Harvests

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I am delighted to write about my college today, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). I hope this lengthy name didn't overwhelm you.

The season for Farmers Market is over, but you can still get fresh local products. Two departments at CFANS open dairy and meat sales every week in Andrew Boss Laboratory-Meat Science building on St. Paul campus.

Dairy SaleroomIMG_1113.JPG
As a Nutrition student, I really want you to visit our Dairy Salesroom! The room is run by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. There are wide selection of cheese. They are all frech, rich and creamy. Also, you will be impressed by the various flavors of ice cream. (Gopher Gold is my favorite. I want to try Pumpkin Pie, but they run out so quickly...)
All the products are made at University of Minnesota by students, faculty and staff. They announce special items of the week on the website, too.

Dairy Salesroom
Open: Wednesday, 3-5pm
Location: Room 166 Andrew Boss Lab of Meat Science (ABLMS)
*they only take CASH.

Meat Lab Sales RoomHeavyTable-UofM-Meatlab1.jpeg
After you pick up items from the Dairy Salesroom, you can also stop at the Meat Lab Sales Room in the same building. They also open on Wednesday, but you can contact them to order and arrange days and time. The Department of Animal Science produces beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal, sausage and a lot more. You do not need to go to a meat product section in a grocery store because you can find a whole variety of meat here on campus. I have made a lamb skewers, which tasted wonderful. They also provide recipes to give some ideas for your dinner!

Meat Lab Sales Room
Open: Wednesday, 2-5pm (or contact for other days/hours)
Location: Room 26 Andrew Boss Lab of Meat Science (ABLMS)

Many people graduate without knowing much about St. Paul campus, but you should come to try the University of Minnesota original foods! You can just hop on a campus connector from Minneapolis, and you will arrive in 25 minutes. I hope these sales become reasons to come to St. Paul:)

what business students do

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Hi. How is everyone doing? I just finished all of my midterms yesterday. Yeahhh!!!!

Beginning of the fall is the busiest time for business students. It is because we have career fair at the end of September. As I mentioned, the very important event for Carlson School of Management students is career fair, in which you can have a chance to meet over 100 companies such as: 3M, General Mills, Ersnt&Young. There are more and more companies coming to Carlson School of Management this year such as: Amazon, and Delta airline. Yes, from the little partial companies I listed you can see all of them are in Fortune 500. During the career fair, students dressed suit and tried to "sale" them out. Also, company recruiters would be there to observe good candidates who can fit their companies. I learned a lot from going to career fair.

From my personal experience, networking is a very important way to get to know companies and let companies get to know you. So the location become very important for business students. It just 3 bus stops from Carlson School to downtown Minneapolis. I even walk to downtown with my mom a few times this summer. It took us around 20 minutes to walk. Good exercise though:D Minneapolis is No.5 cities with 9 Fortune 500 companies. Chicago is right behind us. As a business student, I have great opportunity to network with business professions.

In a word, my life here is busy but happy since in here my dream will come true if I work hard enough:D

Choosing a Major

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When you meet someone new on-campus the two most commons questions you will be asked are, "What's your name?", "what you studying/majoring?". I have heard many saying "I'm still undecided".

I wasn't sure what I wanted to major during my 1st year as a student. That when I decided to meet my adviser and he told me to go to a my college career center, there I met with a career counselor and she gave me a "Skill assessment" to fill out. After completing I met with the counselor and she explained it to me & help me identify my strengths.That how I end up choosing my current majors (Human resource Development, Business & Marketing Education) through CEHD.

If you're undecided or having trouble selecting the right major don't worry :-), there are plenty of resources available for all U of M Students. Here are some that majority of U of M students use to find the right major for them

1. Talk to your Academic Adviser, they are here to help you excel in you academic life.

2. Go to your college career center, (CSE, CLA, CSoM, CBS, CEHD,CFANS etc..) all have a career center to help the students.

3. visit CAPE, they provide action plans for students to help make important decision about academic as well as career.

Need some help for your writing?


When I introduce my major/minor, people usually surprise and ask me back "English major? But you are not a native speaker!"
(Actually, I really want to say English major is actually really fun if you like reading and writing.)

I was born and raised in Korean until when I was 21 year old. Although my major was English before I came to U.S., I didn't have any confidence in my English.

I still remember how I was frustrated when I couldn't even order my favorite coffee at Starbucks. I wanted to order "caramel macchiato" but the worker couldn't understand my pronunciation. I was shocked and embarrassed.

So, I was very scared when I declared my major as English major. However, I really enjoy my University of Minnesota life as an English major student now.

However, I think, English should not be the reason which lets you down. There are TONS of resources to help you out in University of Minnesota. Today, I want to introduce "writing center" in University of Minnesota. Writing center is one of the helpful resources for your essay assignments.

Are you still afraid of using English? Don't give up!
You can be so much better. (We should admit the fact English is you Second (or third) Language to you. It is natural that you are learning by making mistakes.

If you haven't had chance to visit writing center, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Writing center is always ready to help you.

There are three ways to use writing center

1: Appleby Hall writing center: (room 9)


You can walk-in without making an appointment. (So, you might need to wait little bit. However if you didn't have time to set an appointment, you can always visit here!)
Recently, they add Nicholson room 15 to have walk-in hours as well. Hooray!

2: Nicholson Hall writing center: (room 15)


You can make an appointment on line (mySWS) (it is very easy). You can even choose the adviser who has the same (similar) major with you. Because you will let them know what type of paper you will bring, they can jump into your paper right away!

3: on-line writing center:
You will submit your paper and question online. Your adviser will send you back your paper with corrections and answers to your question. The greatest part of on-line writing center is after you got a reply from your adviser, you can have follow-up chatting with them!

Yes, many of us are non-native speaker of English
which means, we can speak more than two languages ! :)

Check it out voices from Minnesota's multilingual writers.



Survive the U 101: introduction to Housing Hunting!!


Choosing a living place is a great great deal.
Before I started my college life at the U in Spring, I had been told that there were no dorm rooms left. Then, I lived off-campus and commuted a long way to the campuses - taking two buses for one hour to get to the campus. Yes, I was so excited to move out!

I want to talk about off-campus housing here since it is difficulty for people who live far away from the Twin Cities, and of course outside the U.S., to find living places outside the campus. Please keep in mind that this information is just a few of many ways to find living places, but I hope this will give you some ideas.

How to search?

1. Go to "The Housing and Residential Life" Website
One their website, there is a page which explains off-campus housing.
I think that this page gives you ideas about how much you should expect to pay for rent, some criteria for choosing, temporary housing, etc.
They also have a section where you can search for off-campus housing.

2. Check "Craigslist"
Craigslist is another good place to look at. Craigslist is also very useful for finding good deals on furniture or other necessities.

3. Visit actual locations
Often there are flyers posted on the bulletin board of apartments. People sometimes look for somebody to take over their place or roommates in this way. If you have specific places in mind, it is a good idea to go and check if there are anyone looking for roommates or subleases. Always make sure to meet a person who posted the flyer and check a room.

Also, followings are some points to look at when you search for housing!

Points to check before deciding!

These are a few of many points to ask yourself when searching for housing:
- Is it close or easy to get to the campuses?
- Do campus connectors (free bus that connect all the campuses) stop nearby?
- Are bus stops close?
- Is it close to grocery shops?
- Is the place safe?
- Is your roommate/s reliable and/or have similar living patterns?
- Does the rent include parking (if you have a car)? If not, how close is the nearby parking ramp and how much?
- Is the room furnished? (If not, you have to buy or find furniture)
- What is the duration of the contract? Check the ending date!

Must-do when you move in!!
- Check for any items, amenities or facilities and get them repaired before moving in!
- Take pictures with date for records!
- Document repair requests if necessary!

These look overreactive, but there are cases that students are charged a huge amount of money when they move out even though they are not their fault. Remember that renting a place involves legal issues. It is important to keep records of your room at the beginning to prevent yourself from any unexpected charges.

Thank you so much for reading this looong post!
Just to remind you that these are just examples. There are many ways to find a living place, so keep your eyes open!


Good luck on finding a best place for you and please feel free to ask me questions!!
I will see you later~

Hey all!

When I fisrt arrived to Minnesota as a college student it was probably when the most extreme weather conditions were taking place. It was REALLy cold out since it was January but It all seemed so exciting and new that I did not mind it for one second. It was my first time seeing snow!!! You know being from a place where its 70 degrees (F) and about 20 (C) all year round it was a DIFFERENT experience. And that just memory of getting off the plane on a cold cold night with NO IDEA of what was there to come is what I will never forget. It always brings me the thrill and thought of a new adventure.

Three years later here I am loving my major and the twin cities overall. Having adapted to any kind of change school and social wise is what I will always be proud of. And to all upcoming students who are concerned about not knowing what to expect of a new place. I can tell you that THAT is the best part of it! exploring, travelling, knowing new and completely different people is what is best of the experience. I can tell you this because I have lived it and I enjoy everday of it.

Thanks for reading and I will be more than happy to answer any concerns you want to ask about!.



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