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Better Safe Than Sorry !

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Before I came to America, I heard a lot of rumors and myth about the land of opportunity.
Some of them were wrong, and some of them were right.
One of them was "A lot of stores will be closed at early time" and it is true.
In U.S, many stores close around 6~8 p.m.
(Also, I want to emphasize it totally depends on stores)
So, after evening, many roads are empty. Especially Minnesota gets dark earlier after winter starts.
You can see it looks like night even slightly pass 5'clock.
Although Minnesota is one of the safest places in the U.S, it is always helpful to pay extra attention to your safety!

University of Minnesota supports students' safety in many ways!

Safety is Easy. The Pavement is Hard. Pedestrians, bikers, and drivers: Here are some simple safety messages to keep in mind as you navigate campus.

The Stand Up campaign has been designed to help prevent sexual assault, campus crime, and excessive drinking. Stand up and do what's right.

TXT-U, the University of Minnesota emergency notification text messaging system.

624-WALK, a free walking or biking security escort service to and from campus locations and adjacent neighborhoods, available to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Gopher Chauffeur, a free door-to-door van service offering rides on and near campus.

•Wide-ranging safety and security measures in residence halls and apartments.

•Twenty Code Blue Phones for immediate connection to the 911 operator at the University Police station.

A variety of University departments involved in planning for and responding to emergencies.

•900 security cameras monitored around the clock.

•200 yellow phones for emergency, medical, and safety-related calls.

yello phone.jpg

College of Biological Sciences

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Are you fascinated by the existence of micro-organisms? Do you aspire to pursue medical profession some day? Do you wish to work in open fields and explore the beauty of nature? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then College of Biological Sciences (CBS) is the one for you.

CBS is one of the very few colleges nationwide that is solely devoted to biological sciences. It offers you with amazing majors that include neuroscience, genetics and plant biology. The journey of a typical CBS student begins with the Nature of Life (NOL) program. It is a 3 days camp, in which students get to take intensive seminars at Lake Itasca, the headwaters of Mississippi. I have so many beautiful memories from this camp, which in include living in cabins in the middle of a forest, doing research in a natural environment and spending time with my peers and the amazing CBS faculty. Below are a few pictures from my trip to Lake Itasca.




CBS also offers its students the opportunity to work in research labs under the guidance of world-class professors. It was immediately after my freshman year, that I got an amazing opportunity to work in a genetics lab. I have gained so many laboratory skills that I wouldn't have learned if I wasn't involved in this research lab. Therefore, I recommend that one should get involved in research labs because there's so much more that you can learn by doing things practically. One can either earn credits by doing directed research in a lab or earn money by participating in Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.


CBS has a number of leadership programs that let its students build leadership skills. I am involved in one such program named the Deans' Scholars program. This program offered me with opportunities to do community volunteer work, attend leadership seminars and reflect on my leadership philosophy. It's an amazing opportunity for any student who is keen to polish their leadership skills by getting involved in the community.

A poster that I made along with my fellow Deans' Scholars highlighting our volunteer experience.

College of Biological Sciences is a heaven for anyone who is truly interested in exploring the world of biological sciences.

Why Did I Choose to Study in the U.S.?!

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Hey Everyone!

How are you doing so far? We're close to the end of semester with a whole lot of homework, papers, and exams. Though, it's good to know that we're only 4 more weeks away from winter break :-)

Today I'd like to share with you some of the reasons I chose to leave my beloved country and study here in the U.S.
• The first and most important reason was my Dad. He has also studied here in the US and has always talked about good old days that he had in California. He always says it's good to leave your family and country for new experiences in other countries. Since I love my Dad so much, I wanted to experience what he has experienced. After all he is like a role model to me, so I took his advice and decided to leave my country.

Thanks Dad.jpg

• The second reason was my own interest in becoming independent and experiencing a new country. I wanted to make new friends, and more important to live in a country with a different culture than mine. I wanted to learn new things and experience things that I could never experience without leaving my family and my people. I even loved to speak a foreign language other than my mother tongue. I sometimes used to speak English with my parents even when I was back at home.
• The other reason that I chose to study here is that I knew US has a good education system, and good universities to get a degree from.

With all that said, it was still hard to leave my family, friends, and country for a new world. But I did it and I am happy with what I did :-)

My very special winter vacation trip to NY :-)


Hi! I am back!
Did everyone have wonderful Thanksgiving day with their families and friends?
I hope so. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was great to spend a day with my close friends. I made several new friends too.

I realized one of our ISA members, Ricardo, introduced campus jobs topic to everyone. I think Ricardo did fantastic jobs, so I won't be writing more about it, but I thought the links I will going to share are very useful to future and current students.
Here are some quick links if you are looking specific jobs under certain locations.
1. Student unions and activities
2. Recreational center
3. UDS (dining center)
4. Library

Today, I am here to write about my own winter trip to NY in last year.
It was very special to me because it was the first time to travel by myself.
I went to NY by bus because I thought it would be cool and I wanted to save some money. I got bus tickets from greyhound (you can also buy bus tickets from several other websites such as: megabus, jefferson lines. Megabus is famous for cheap bus tickets. Also you can get discounts on Jefferson lines from information desk in Coffman memorial union). You can also decide to travel by train or airplane.

It was very fun to travel by bus (it was my very first time bus traveling), but last year NY got huge snow blizzard that NY wasn't prepared for. It was serious snow blizzard. Unlike here, MN, where everybody is ready for snow, NY wasn't ready and they didn't have enough equipments for clearing snow. So when I arrived at bus station, none of the services were available and I had to stay at bus stations where everything was closed for over 14 hours. The next day, one of my friends saved me... :-)
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for penn-station-snow.jpg

I traveled NY for two weeks, and I went everywhere as much as possible.
It was very fun. I would strongly recommend to all of you to travel around America, because while you travel you can meet so many different people and become friends together, and you can learn more about America. Also, if you like photograph you will love visiting new places. I traveled NY for winter trip, and went to Chicago (IL) for spring. This winter, I am going Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco
Want to join?! :-)

Thumbnail image for 4.JPG

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Hi everyone!
Do you know what day it is today?
In the U.S., today, November 24th, is Thanksgiving Day.
You may know, but Thanksgiving is America's traditional holiday.
Usually, family members get together and enjoy feast together.
The main dish of Thanksgiving feast is, of course, turkey!!


I stayed in my friend's house on my first Thanksgiving and helped cooking, but it took us almost entire day to roast a turkey.


We prepared lots of food and kept eating. Then, we watched movies on TV. Yes, this day is not to be very productive...


On Thanksgiving, shops and restaurants are closed, so you just stay at home and spend time with your friends and family. They might discuss a plan for Black Friday (This is a big sale day in malls and stores.)
I hope you got an idea of Thanksgiving in the U.S.!

Why I chose U of M- Twin Cities

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Like most students I applied to several universities. I had to face the challenge of choosing the right university after I got acceptance letters from 4 out 5 universities I applied.

After much consideration I narrowed my choices down to 2 universities; University of Minnesota and Texas A & M University. Then I looked at U.S. and world rankings of the two universities. After I was done researching I knew for certainly where I want to go to continue my studies. 3 years later here I am as a senior studying HR at University of Minnesota.

Did you know that Minnesota is the base for 20 companies that are in the Fortune 500 companies list ranging from Business, technological, food & health services. Every year these companies come to U of M to hire the best and brightest students.


One of the major reasons I chose University of Minnesota is because of the U.S. and world rankings. Let take a look at some of the current rankings:

•According to the 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is ranked 28th in the world.

•According to U.S news & world report's 2012 ranking, University of Minnesota undergraduate program is ranked 68th in US.

•According to Center for Measuring University Performance, University of Minnesota is ranked among the top 25 of the nation's research universities.

Apart from being a top ranked university, the schools and the programs offered here at U of M also have good ranks.

Currently Chemical Engineering program at U of M is ranked at #3 while Economics is at #10 in U.S. There are many more majors in the top 50 ranked programs. Click Here to see the entire list of rankings.

Here are some more statistics about various Ranking University of Minnesota holds.

The other reason I chose University of Minnesota is because of the lower tuition rate they have for International students compared to other top ranked universities.

I'm glad that I chose University of Minnesota to continue my education.

Studying at a research University that has a good overall rank, you are guaranteed to receive the best education at a reasonable cost.

What more can a student ask for?

Minnesota Golden Gophers 1.JPG


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Hey there!!!!!!!!!
I know that college life as an international student can be CRAZY expensive! Having to pay out of state tuition, housing, books and food is at all times hard. And these issues can raise the question Can I have a job in the United States? And the answer is YES! As an international student you can apply for all kinds of on-campus jobs that vary in salary and in activities done. It is harder to get jobs off-campus since you would need a sponsorship from the company who wants to hire you, but as a student on-campus jobs come easy.

When I first arrived to Minnesota I had no idea of where to start looking but luckily I was advised to look online and applied for several jobs including working at the bookstore, printing services etcetera and it turned out to be a little harder than I thought!!! Spots fill out quicker than you would expect since everybody wants a job! But after a year I could lock down one of the best jobs on-campus (in my personal rating =))!

I work at DISABILITY SERVICES, which is part of the office for equity and diversity. When I first started I did not know what to expect from it but after a year of working there I can certainly say that it is the most humanitarian things I have done. My job position is called "Access assistant" and what the job entitles is helping with the accessibility for students and staff with disabilities on campus. This kind of assistance involves document conversion (conversion of books and documents to audio or Braille) so students can listen to the books or read them in Braille. It also involves class and staff assistance, activity that includes taking notes for a student with visual impairments or assisting staff at their offices along with their daily activities. I applied to the job position in the first place because it got my attention that the University of Minnesota cared so much about accessibility and accommodations for the students and staff who have disabilities. This kind of help and attention is incredibly unusual in my home country and it is seen that people with disabilities cannot have a proper education. So I wanted to be part of this!!!

And now at my job I have made a LOT of friends and made connections with incredible people. In my opinion it is not only about the money, having a job is a way to get involved and get to know great people. I accept that sometimes my job can be challenging but in my opinion it pays off. It is a satisfaction to know that I am making a difference in the student's education experience by easing up the impairment with accessibility.

So what I can say is that in order to find a good job you have to start looking early and not only apply to job positions that have a good pay. Apply to a job position that would satisfy you in every way possible! As it is said: motivated and happy people achieve better! Here is a link for on campus jobs so you can start looking!!


The mexicano Ricardo


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I hope you guys are not over-stressing yourself with school work. But if you are, then I've got to share some great ideas that can help you give some break from busy school life.

Student organizations- Get involved in these organizations!! There are a lot of student groups on-campus, such as academic oriented, culture themed or leadership based. You can browse the Student Unions and Activities website to search for the organization of interest.

On-campus events- Alright, you are busy with studies and have no time to devote to these organizations. But you still want to have fun :( Don't worry! You can go to Gophers After Dark, which plans free or low-cost events every Friday and Saturday night. You get to see movies, concerts, play games and taste free snacks!
You can also go to events organized by student organizations, like the one that I am involved with,the Indian student organization- Bharat. These events present dance performances and skits, and traditional food. They offer a great way to socialize!
Below are pictures from the event that was recently organized by my student organization, Bharat.



On-campus jobs- If you are one of those kinds who believe in socializing and earning money side by side, then on-campus job is for you. Being international students we are restricted to work on-campus only, but don't worry there are loads of places on-campus where you can work. The best place to start with is the University Dining Service- , which I consider as the most enjoyable place to work. Other potential places to work are- libraries, recreation center or labs. You can search for on-campus jobs at the Employment Opportunity website.

Gamerooms- There are two game-rooms with bowling alleys, pool tables and video games. There is Goldy's Gameroom in Coffman Memorial Union and Gopher Spot in St Paul Student Center, both of which offer exciting deals for U of M students.

- You can even rejuvenate your body by exercising a bit. You can go to Recreation Center on East bank or St Paul gym on St Paul campus. Both facilities have fitness centers, handball, racquet and squash ball courts and swimming pool. The services are free to the U of M students!

Don't forget that college life doesn't repeat itself. So enjoy as much as possible :)

Is There Even a Single Fun Class in This World???


Have you ever thought of a class as a fun class to take? Or have you ever longed to take a class because you thought you'd love it for sure? I think we usually take classes because they are required, and we really have no other options other than that or we wouldn't graduate from college.
Personally, I think classes that are out of one's major are most subject to this problem. However, the good news is that I finally found my favorite class, which is actually out of my major, but it is at the same time somehow related to my major, which is architecture. It is totally the most interesting class I have so far taken. It is my favorite class, and it is the beginning Sculpture.
We have so much fun in this class. We are encouraged to be creative and produce whatever we wish to. We use different materials, such as plaster, wood, and metal. We are not assigned to necessarily make a dog or a duck, as my professor always insist on saying! Therefore, everyone has a different project with a totally different subject and narrative to talk about. This is my second project that I have made with metal sheets. However, it is not yet complete.
Project 2, Fatemeh Serajzadeh
I think it is necessary for everyone to find their favorite class and take at least one fun class in their college studies. It will give you so much positive energy, and will help you to do your other homework as well.

Special day, day, day!

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Had everyone received enough pepero from girl friends or boy friends?
YEAH! Today is a pepero day! :-)
Today was Korean's Pepero day. Each year, November 11th is the pepero day. It was even more important this year because this year it was November 11th 2011 (11.11.11). The Pepero day was originated from one story that girls who was in middle school in Busan (one of the big cities in Korea), exchanged pepero sticks as gifts to each other to wish one another to grow as tall and slender as a pepero. There is a story that it was started in 1994. Anyway, this time in a year people exchange pepero each other and it is like Valentine's day in Korean version.
If Korea has pepero day, what kinds of special days do we have in America?
If I could list the most important days in year, it would be New year's day, Memorial day, Independence day, labor day, Columbus day, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas! I mean, there are thousands of important days (such as Mother's day, veterans day, Halloween,Easter, St. Patrick's day, and Chinese new year!) we have to celebrate, but who wants to go to shopping and good deals? ME!
These are the event days that people tend to do shopping a lot, and these of the event days are the time when many stores offer good deals. You can't miss Black Friday (Nov. 25th) either! So, now that we are looking very close to the upcoming Christmas and Thanksgiving (wait, did I said Christmas and Thanksgiving when Thanksgiving is actually coming first?!), is everyone ready for having one of the special days?
I know I am not! I need more shopping! Here I come special day, day, day~!

Today, I wrote all about spending money! Next, I promise I will bring a tip for campus jobs! Chao~!

P.s The winter is definitely coming, if you are in MN start to prepare your winter jacket now. I will attach pictures that can show that winter is coming for sure. All of the below pictures were taken from near area at East bank same time (at 6PM), and from the top to bottom pictures were taken during August, September, October, and November ^ ^

Overview of (Realistic) International Student Life

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Hi everyone:) I want share some of my experiences to show what kind of troubles you can get in because I want you to know what can happen if you are reckless and don't want you guys to get screwed up.

When I transferred to the U, the only bank account that I had was a saving account of a local bank near my previous school. I started living in an apartment but soon realized that I did not have a check book to pay for my rent. I used to live in dorm, so I never needed to write a check before. I opened a new checking account and had the bank send me check books immediately. Until they arrive, I had to go to Cub Foods every month to make money orders because my apartment doesn't accept cash. I am from a country that doesn't use check, so I was totally underestimating the importance of checks. I think you will do, but opening saving and checking accounts as soon as you arrive at the U.S. is important even if you don't use them right away.


When I was living in St. Paul, I never went to campus on weekends, so I didn't notice that my bus didn't run on weekends. During final week, I had my final on Saturday on St. Paul campus. The other bus routes would take 2 hours, so it happened to use taxi. You may think that all the taxi drivers know everything about the area, but mine was not. Very interestingly, my taxi driver did not know where the St. Paul campus of the U, and he took me to a different school... Miraculously, we made it to the St. Paul campus, and I was about 10 minutes late for my final exam. If you live off-campus, please secure the ways to get to campus. It is very possible that you take your final on Saturday, and you do not want to get extra stress from transportation.


Sometimes you might have extremely busy days. I used to stay in library everyday with thick black coffee as company until date changes. Good or not, study places in some libraries are open until 3AM or 24 hours even. I was staying in Bio-Medical library until 3, and walked back to my apartment on West bank. In fact, I didn't get in any trouble this day, but I found that there were some crime alerts near my apartment. I do not stay this late anymore, but if you are a night owl and stay on campus late, you may want to request campus escort service when you go home.


Maybe you are smart enough to avoid these situations, but if you are new in the U.S., you will experience some difficulties or problems that only international students do. I exposed some of my foolish experiences, but I hope you won't get into troubles!

Travel in U.S.


Hellooo everyone!!! How is going? it supposed to snow today but it didn't. Good thing is we've backing to the standard time since last Sunday, which means we have 1 hour extra daytime everyday. but it gets dark around 5:30pm now. Winter is around the corner!!!! and winter break afterward. haha..

Have you start to plan your winter break yet? Maybe it is too early to plan but I have already have mine. like usual TRAVEL!! I love travel around in the U.S. just as other international students do. I would say traveling is the one of the greatest things to do in the U.S. Going to the street that in the movie scene, tasting the local food, and enjoying the diversity in different states. My favorite place in America is definitely New York.

night view of Manhattan on the top of the empire building
This is the city, where you can see shooting movie in the corner of Wall street. like this:
and where you wait in the line for three hours for a Broadway ticket:

Also, treat myself well on the trip is always my principle. I am a fish person, but in Midwest not so many people like seafood or we don't have that many seafood. So that is why I really appreciated my two days trip in Boston with my mom. They have the best lobster ever!! It is fresh and it is from Atlantic Ocean:

I am planning to go to Florida this winter break. Never been to South before. It must be very exciting and interesting trip.

You do have any Tech problem?


Hello Everyone !
Do you know about computer/laptop well?
Are you good at fixing things?

Sometimes, I realized I'm not very tech savvy.


laptop not working.jpg

OK, I need to admit. I'm a person who always panics out if my laptop doesn't work.
You may say, "What's a big deal? You can always bring it to the repair shop and fix it."

BUT, if you are a college student, it turns into a totally different story.

I couldn't live a single day without my laptop. Also, I'm pretty sure most of students will feel the same way.

Let's think about it. For example, you are working on three different essays - One of them is for your final term paper. Also, you need to read two articles by tomorrow that your professor uploads on your class website (we call it "Moodle site") You are waiting your TA's reply about tomorrow's quiz. Because you don't want to bring all the papers with you, you saved all of lecture notes in your computer. On top of it, you need to submit your essay on line by midnight.

Other than that, you need to call you family via Skpe, chat with your international friends, check tomorrow's weather before you choose the jackets, listen to music while you are studying, pay the rent through online banking, and check the bus schedule.



It can be very-insensibly-stressful situation for all of them.

University of Minnesota has a solution for these situations.
Please, visit Office of Information Technology (OIT)

They also have tech-shops on campus. So you can bring your laptop and meet a technician one on one in person. Please check their locations and office hours

If you don't want to wait, you can always make an appointment as well:

This is also technology requirement for prospective on-line students.

I believe these requirements are very useful. It can be applied not only for the on-line student, but also for EVERYONE who needs to use University of Minnesota webpages.

Also, you can even download safe anti-virus program for free

Please, don't forget "like" them on Facebook as well!

ISSS Programs

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International Students & Scholars Services or ISSS as we all know is one of the first offices we will be visiting after we arrive in Minnesota. From the time we visit ISSS to do our document check-ins until we graduate ISSS will become our non-academic advisory place with experienced, knowledgeable & friendly staff providing us with various information and resources that is important for us (International students) to stay in US and continue our studies.

Apart from providing us with information, resources & advice to survive and prosper in U.S. ISSS also functions as a bridge
Washington Ave bridge.jpg that connects International and U.S. students through variety of programs that engages international students to get involve in campus life and share knowledge, perspectives, cultural value & food we bring from our countries with American students and also learn more about America and it's culture through U.S. students.

Explore the choice of programs ISSS has to offer for international students. Let me share some of my experience with you about the programs I'm involved in as an International Student.

International Buddy Program
:is a Mentor- mentee/buddy program giving an opportunity for International students to get to know a current International or American student studying at U of M-Twin cities campus before they arrive in U.S.

Cross-Cultural Discussion Groups : Provide an opportunity for both International as well as U.S. students to meet once a week as a small group (7-8) to share cross-cultural experiences, personal thoughts, and feelings in a relaxed & friendly environment.

International Student Ambassadors : Is a program that helps prospective International students see and understand life in Minnesota and U.S. through the eyes and experience of a current International Student.

These are some great opportunities provided by ISSS for us International students to broaden our minds about other cultures including American; while sharing our own culture with other students making University of Minnesota a more culturally diverse campus.


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When I first got to Minnesota it was in the Spring of 2009, being an odd semester to start and in the middle of knowing NOTHING about the U.S. college life, It was incredibly confusing for me!!! I did not know there were dorms since we do not have accommodations like that in my home country.... so I sort of couch surfed for like a month until I found a place to live, It was not the best place or location but it was the middle of the winter and I NEEDED a place! so I just locked down the first place I saw. But after the first semester I actually looked for a place to live with my roommates and college life turned out to be a lot of fun!! Cooking for yourself, paying bills and maybe starting an on-campus job can be challenging but after a while it is really easy to get used to! Currently I live in a house with 4 other guys and I love it! even though I would have liked to live in the dorms an get to know more people that are starting college as me. I loved the experience of not having a regular first year!! It is all part of learning! My suggestions on housing and college living would be to live at the dorms, It is a great way to know people and connect with future roommates (next year). photo.jpg

But if the dorms are not appealing to you I suggest you try looking for a place at least a month before your first semester starts!! A good website to find rooms for rent on-campus (not creepy) could be:

Housing and residential life look for places in DINKYTOWN
Dinkytown at night.jpg

but if you like the adventurous side of looking for a place you can always go to craigslist and look for housing/shared, it is an open website but you can find bunches of cheaper stuff there!! Always be cautious about scam though!!!!! I tell you this by experience! I found my actual housing through here but It can be a little tricky CAREFUL!!

Need friends????

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Hello, how is everybody doing? Today is sunshine but chilly here. I kinda like it because the cold air can always refresh me:D.

One thing that I want to share and discuss with you today is about making friend. I was struggling with it when I first came here, I always ask myself: who should I hang out with on weekend?? It feels like back to my first day in high school. I met my classmates with no idea who they are, wanted to kill the silence but didn't know how. But later on, I became best friends with my high school classmates. Is my experience sounds familiar to you. In college, it is a little bit different though. It is because we have different classmates in every different courses so it is a little bit hard to become "best best" friends with them BUT classmates are the best candidate to become your study buddies.(by the way, it is always a good choice to form a study group with your classmates to study for exams.)
However, I would say it is easier for us to make friends in the University of Minnesota because we have so much resources for YOU to get to know people.

1. Welcome Week
It is a seven-day activities for incoming freshmen. If you are current student already, why not apply for being a welcome week leader for Fall 2015. Every day in welcome week has different theme to get to know our campus and campus resources. It was an wonderful week for me. I met my best friend and a lot of good friends during the welcome week. It was also a great opportunity to learn more about American culture, I heard a speech from our football coach, tried different American or Mexican food everyday and went to Mall of American at midnight. It was like a wild paradise for me. I liked my welcome week a lot and then I became a welcome week leader this summer. Again I had so much fun and made a lot of friends. One of my friends I met there is our ambassadors Seol, she was welcome week leader too. See, welcome week is a great opportunity for you to make friends and to have fun.

can you find me in the pic? probably not, I cannot find myself neither.......
welcome jpg

2. Students organizations

Wanna find someone who has same interest with you. Join student groups on campus. We have lots of student organizations here in U of M, they are holding a lot of event during the semesters. You can always meet some people in the event and if you really like the group maybe try to get on the board. Good opportunity for practicing leadership skill

paint your group on the bridge
Paint the bridge 004.jpg
For me, I like learning Japanese so I joined a Japanese club here called AJI. I can practice my Japanese
and learn Japanese culture from other members in the group. See what we did last year:

best event ever!!! we have maid cafe annually. Come to the U and come to our event
maid cafe jpg

3. Maybe taking some interesting class.

I took Jazz Dance on my first semester here. That is right it is a course. I was so surprised that Jazz dance could be a course but actually it was a great course:D Most of the time, we were dance, but we also learn jazz history and watch some jazz related videos. At the end of the semester, we performed in a public theater with 60 audiences.

right before the performance with my dance buddies
The best part of the class is being called dancer, even though I just danced for a semester in my whole life. Everything in here is possible, and in here my American dream will come true if I try hard enough.

I believe you will enjoy your college life in the University of Minnesota. At least, you have already have me and all of our International Student Ambassadors as your friends.

This is my personal experience about how to make friends here. If you have any other great ideas that you want to share, leave me a comment:D

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