Special day, day, day!

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Had everyone received enough pepero from girl friends or boy friends?
YEAH! Today is a pepero day! :-)
Today was Korean's Pepero day. Each year, November 11th is the pepero day. It was even more important this year because this year it was November 11th 2011 (11.11.11). The Pepero day was originated from one story that girls who was in middle school in Busan (one of the big cities in Korea), exchanged pepero sticks as gifts to each other to wish one another to grow as tall and slender as a pepero. There is a story that it was started in 1994. Anyway, this time in a year people exchange pepero each other and it is like Valentine's day in Korean version.
If Korea has pepero day, what kinds of special days do we have in America?
If I could list the most important days in year, it would be New year's day, Memorial day, Independence day, labor day, Columbus day, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas! I mean, there are thousands of important days (such as Mother's day, veterans day, Halloween,Easter, St. Patrick's day, and Chinese new year!) we have to celebrate, but who wants to go to shopping and good deals? ME!
These are the event days that people tend to do shopping a lot, and these of the event days are the time when many stores offer good deals. You can't miss Black Friday (Nov. 25th) either! So, now that we are looking very close to the upcoming Christmas and Thanksgiving (wait, did I said Christmas and Thanksgiving when Thanksgiving is actually coming first?!), is everyone ready for having one of the special days?
I know I am not! I need more shopping! Here I come special day, day, day~!

Today, I wrote all about spending money! Next, I promise I will bring a tip for campus jobs! Chao~!

P.s The winter is definitely coming, if you are in MN start to prepare your winter jacket now. I will attach pictures that can show that winter is coming for sure. All of the below pictures were taken from near area at East bank same time (at 6PM), and from the top to bottom pictures were taken during August, September, October, and November ^ ^

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