Is There Even a Single Fun Class in This World???

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Have you ever thought of a class as a fun class to take? Or have you ever longed to take a class because you thought you'd love it for sure? I think we usually take classes because they are required, and we really have no other options other than that or we wouldn't graduate from college.
Personally, I think classes that are out of one's major are most subject to this problem. However, the good news is that I finally found my favorite class, which is actually out of my major, but it is at the same time somehow related to my major, which is architecture. It is totally the most interesting class I have so far taken. It is my favorite class, and it is the beginning Sculpture.
We have so much fun in this class. We are encouraged to be creative and produce whatever we wish to. We use different materials, such as plaster, wood, and metal. We are not assigned to necessarily make a dog or a duck, as my professor always insist on saying! Therefore, everyone has a different project with a totally different subject and narrative to talk about. This is my second project that I have made with metal sheets. However, it is not yet complete.
Project 2, Fatemeh Serajzadeh
I think it is necessary for everyone to find their favorite class and take at least one fun class in their college studies. It will give you so much positive energy, and will help you to do your other homework as well.

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