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Hello, how is everybody doing? Today is sunshine but chilly here. I kinda like it because the cold air can always refresh me:D.

One thing that I want to share and discuss with you today is about making friend. I was struggling with it when I first came here, I always ask myself: who should I hang out with on weekend?? It feels like back to my first day in high school. I met my classmates with no idea who they are, wanted to kill the silence but didn't know how. But later on, I became best friends with my high school classmates. Is my experience sounds familiar to you. In college, it is a little bit different though. It is because we have different classmates in every different courses so it is a little bit hard to become "best best" friends with them BUT classmates are the best candidate to become your study buddies.(by the way, it is always a good choice to form a study group with your classmates to study for exams.)
However, I would say it is easier for us to make friends in the University of Minnesota because we have so much resources for YOU to get to know people.

1. Welcome Week
It is a seven-day activities for incoming freshmen. If you are current student already, why not apply for being a welcome week leader for Fall 2015. Every day in welcome week has different theme to get to know our campus and campus resources. It was an wonderful week for me. I met my best friend and a lot of good friends during the welcome week. It was also a great opportunity to learn more about American culture, I heard a speech from our football coach, tried different American or Mexican food everyday and went to Mall of American at midnight. It was like a wild paradise for me. I liked my welcome week a lot and then I became a welcome week leader this summer. Again I had so much fun and made a lot of friends. One of my friends I met there is our ambassadors Seol, she was welcome week leader too. See, welcome week is a great opportunity for you to make friends and to have fun.

can you find me in the pic? probably not, I cannot find myself neither.......
welcome jpg

2. Students organizations

Wanna find someone who has same interest with you. Join student groups on campus. We have lots of student organizations here in U of M, they are holding a lot of event during the semesters. You can always meet some people in the event and if you really like the group maybe try to get on the board. Good opportunity for practicing leadership skill

paint your group on the bridge
Paint the bridge 004.jpg
For me, I like learning Japanese so I joined a Japanese club here called AJI. I can practice my Japanese
and learn Japanese culture from other members in the group. See what we did last year:

best event ever!!! we have maid cafe annually. Come to the U and come to our event
maid cafe jpg

3. Maybe taking some interesting class.

I took Jazz Dance on my first semester here. That is right it is a course. I was so surprised that Jazz dance could be a course but actually it was a great course:D Most of the time, we were dance, but we also learn jazz history and watch some jazz related videos. At the end of the semester, we performed in a public theater with 60 audiences.

right before the performance with my dance buddies
The best part of the class is being called dancer, even though I just danced for a semester in my whole life. Everything in here is possible, and in here my American dream will come true if I try hard enough.

I believe you will enjoy your college life in the University of Minnesota. At least, you have already have me and all of our International Student Ambassadors as your friends.

This is my personal experience about how to make friends here. If you have any other great ideas that you want to share, leave me a comment:D

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Great entry Mengrou!!
I really enjoyed reading it. It sounds like you are making the most of your experience at the U! Jazz dance class does sound FUN!

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