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I know that college life as an international student can be CRAZY expensive! Having to pay out of state tuition, housing, books and food is at all times hard. And these issues can raise the question Can I have a job in the United States? And the answer is YES! As an international student you can apply for all kinds of on-campus jobs that vary in salary and in activities done. It is harder to get jobs off-campus since you would need a sponsorship from the company who wants to hire you, but as a student on-campus jobs come easy.

When I first arrived to Minnesota I had no idea of where to start looking but luckily I was advised to look online and applied for several jobs including working at the bookstore, printing services etcetera and it turned out to be a little harder than I thought!!! Spots fill out quicker than you would expect since everybody wants a job! But after a year I could lock down one of the best jobs on-campus (in my personal rating =))!

I work at DISABILITY SERVICES, which is part of the office for equity and diversity. When I first started I did not know what to expect from it but after a year of working there I can certainly say that it is the most humanitarian things I have done. My job position is called "Access assistant" and what the job entitles is helping with the accessibility for students and staff with disabilities on campus. This kind of assistance involves document conversion (conversion of books and documents to audio or Braille) so students can listen to the books or read them in Braille. It also involves class and staff assistance, activity that includes taking notes for a student with visual impairments or assisting staff at their offices along with their daily activities. I applied to the job position in the first place because it got my attention that the University of Minnesota cared so much about accessibility and accommodations for the students and staff who have disabilities. This kind of help and attention is incredibly unusual in my home country and it is seen that people with disabilities cannot have a proper education. So I wanted to be part of this!!!

And now at my job I have made a LOT of friends and made connections with incredible people. In my opinion it is not only about the money, having a job is a way to get involved and get to know great people. I accept that sometimes my job can be challenging but in my opinion it pays off. It is a satisfaction to know that I am making a difference in the student's education experience by easing up the impairment with accessibility.

So what I can say is that in order to find a good job you have to start looking early and not only apply to job positions that have a good pay. Apply to a job position that would satisfy you in every way possible! As it is said: motivated and happy people achieve better! Here is a link for on campus jobs so you can start looking!!


The mexicano Ricardo

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