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Hi everyone,

Final is coming in two weeks!!! Are you ready???
There are so many resources we can use for preparing finals.

1. I would say the most important resource for me is the study guide or practice exam which professor will hand out maybe 1~2 week before finals. I always follow the study guide to review my textbook. I took intro psychology class and we had study guide for each of our test( in total four exams) I answered each of the study guide questions for six or seven pages. But the good thing is the study guide questions really helped me to review each of the chapter and let me know the key points from each chapter. In that way, study guide really helped me prepared my final and it brought me a good result:D

2. go to professors office hour. Usually, instructors will have extra office hour before finals. some of the instructors hold review session for students. My suggestion is bring specific questions to the professor. A lot of instructors will go through the practice exam during the review session, some of the instructors will summarize each chapters. it really depends on different instructors. Usually, instructors will left 30 minutes or even more to answer students questions. So do waste your study time, bring questions to them.

3. go to tutor or TA. TA is a great resource to go for ask questions. They are students too and they can explain things really clear. Sometimes, I go for tutor on the second floor in Walter library or in the Wilson library. They are just as same as TA for me.

Recently, I talked to my little 12-year-old cousin in China. She was super confused about why I am so busy around final, and she said: come down, it is just final! You just need to study for it. How could that be hard." Okay.. I have to say she is kinda right but not absolutely right. Yes, I need to study really hard so that I can have a good grade. However, it is not just about final exams. There are something called presentation which I like but will spend me a lot of time to do it. I like it because it is a team work project. Usually, we do case study. It can help me to understand a company better. Also, we work as a group so it is easy to hear others ideas. The most important part is speak out to the public. I use to afraid of speaking in the public, and that is the reason I took public speaking class. However, after you did a few presentations, you will enjoy the feeling. It feels great to explain things to the whole class and the most exciting part is they listen so carefully and they may have questions for you. At that time, I feel like yeahhhh I am rock in the class!!!!!!!

Some classes have final paper due during final. My suggestion is start it early and go to the writing center for revising.

This is my suggestions for finals. Good luck everyone!! and for our cute little perspective students: be ready!! You will rock in the University!!!!

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