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Hi all!
I thought the winter ended, but I guess not. Outside became colder and snow is coming.

Today I am talking about CLA Career Center.
Recently, I applied a summer internship to London through learning abroad center. The program tuition is
still high, so I also applied some scholarships too through CAPA. After I applied the program, I realized I have to do some work on cover letter and resume. I never done those before, so I needed some help.
I knew CLA Career Center would help me out. So I visited it and got some help.
They open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, and location is very convenient; 411 STSS (Science Teaching and Student Services) building. They helped me with my resume and cover letter.
Now I need to wait for the results! Hope I get scholarships and right internship program.

Anybody who are degree-seeking students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts, Twin Cities can get help, and they can help recent CLA alumni up to one year after their graduation. They are also the pre-law advising office for all students who attend the U of M, Twin Cities.

I hope anybody who seeks for help in CLA Career Center would get right help!
See you next time and wish my luck~!

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