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Hello Everyone,

Happy Spring Break!! I know we're all so excited about the spring break, and we've all got a lot of plans for the upcoming week. I hope we all get some rest, have some fun, and do some homework as well! I, personally, have tons of homework to do, that are due right after the spring break.

Anyways, today I want to tell you a little bit about Norooz .
Have you ever heard of this term? Norooz is a Persian (Farsi) word meaning "New Day" (no= new and rooz= day). Norooz is the name of our New Year, which starts on the first day of spring. It is usually on March 20 or 21st. Norooz is our most important holiday and we celebrate it for thirteen days including the first day of spring. During this time we visit the elders of the family and have many gatherings, with a lot of food and gifts for kids. On the thirteenth day we picnic outdoors.

At the moment of Norooz, which happens at a different hour year to year, families gather around a table with the Haftseen on the table. Haftseen is the most important element of Norooz, and it stands for "the Seven S". We have seven items on this table that start with the letter "S", and each of them has a symbolic meaning. The Haftseen are:

Sabzeh: wheat growing in a dish
Somagh: sumac berries
Serkeh: vinegar
Sib: apple
Sir: garlic
Samanoo: a sweet pudding made from wheat germ
Senjed: dried fruit of oleaster tree

But we also include some other things such as:

The Holly Quraan
Sonbol: Hyacinth plant
Sekkeh: coin
Decorated eggs
Two live red fish
Lit candles

This is how a Haftseen would look like:

Haftseen 4.jpg

and here are some other variations of Haftseen:

Haftsee 2.jpg

Collored eggs for haftseen.jpg


So, now you know how excited I am, since it is the spring break, and even more importantly, it is our New Year!
Yaaaaaaaaaay I am so happy these days :-)

Have a great spring break everyone!

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