Stressed = Desserts

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Hi all!
I totally did not realize how fast the time went by.
I thought today was still Friday... How's everybody doing?
I am sure you all are way more busier than I am.
The question is how do you manage your stress when you are stressed out.
Today I am going to write how I manage my stress.

retro_music_dryicons_600.jpg Listening music has been always my favorite thing to do when I am stressed out. I like to listen all kinds of musics. My mom is a piano professor, and my family except my dad (he is actually a really good singer, instead) play instruments (I play violin) so music has been very important in my life. Here are some recommendations either if you like to listen various kinds of musics.

- Borodin Polovtsian dances
- G. Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
- Debussy Clair de lune
- Dvorak Cello Concerto in b minor Op. 104

House music groups:
- Romantic couch (Korea)
- Capsules (Japan)

Some Asian singers/ groups:
- Leessang (Korea)
- 2PM (Korea)
- 2AM (Korea)
- 王力宏; Leehom Wang (Taiwan)
-周杰倫 Jay Chou (Taiwan)
- 175R (Japan)
- Misia (Japan)

...and so on Ikue Asazaki, Mr. Children, Orange Range, Radwimps, Spitz, and Shinna Ringo (All Japan).

Instrumental & Mics:
- Nujabes (Japan)
- Bajofondo (Argentina and Uruguay)
- Pink Martini
- Quasimode (Japan)
- Paprika OST

I am sure you all will find some good musics from my recommendations list.
I strongly recommend Nujabes and Pink Martini musics if you like instrumental musics or like to listen some kinds of musics that can calm you down.
If you like Jazz musics, Quasimode is a good group too.

As I mentioned, I like to listen music when I am stressed out. How about all of you?
When you feel like you are being stressed out, remember stressed can be sweet things like desserts if you appreciate them (Stressed and desserts are palindrome).


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