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An International Perspective

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Hi guys!

How's everything? The semester came to an end...for those of you who know the drill finals must be stressing, but if you keep your head up and running you will do just fine.
I hope this year has been a great experience for those of you who are gophers and for the prospective students, the U of M is a great place to learn and grow...As part of a project I put together a video with some cool pictures... I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and that you enjoy this short clip...

The "U", An International Perspective

Sincerely thanks!


Rapson Hall-College of Design

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Hello my dear friends,

I hope everyone's doing well. It is the end of semester, and I know you are all busy with finals and projects. However, I'm sure you've got some time to check out this video that I've made for you. I've shown you some photos from Ralph Rapson Hall, the College of Design building. I hope it gives you an overall idea about Rapson Hall and how the College of Design works.

Ambassador Program Movie Project- April 27,2012.m4v

Good luck with finals!

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