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'Ceria' = ???


Apa kabar, semua??

I know that most of you are not familiar with this language. It is a direct translation of 'How are you, everyone' from Bahasa Indonesia. And yes, you guess it right! I'm from Indonesia, a tropical country with thousands of islands located at Southeast Asia.

My name is Ceria Chandra. I'm a junior at the University of Minnesota, studying Chemical Engineering. And you may start wondering the meaning of 'Ceria' now? (*drum roll background....*) That means 'Happy'! ;D I'm a warm and friendly as you ever imagine a person can be. I try to always be positive in everything I do and as much as I can, to also bring that positive atmosphere to people surrounding me. =)

photo (1).JPG

I transferred here last Fall 2011, and the life overall has been great so far! Although there are many challenges throughout my time here (not only academically but also socially), I'm still grateful because I also learn more from those challenges I had been through. The U indeed offers many resources to help the students, especially the international students. That becomes one of my reasons being an international ambassador, because I want to be a helpful resource for people that have the same problem and challenges like me.

I'm not an expert that can offer you a solution, because I'm yet a student. But, I have many useful tips and interesting stories to share with all of you. You would not ever imagine how amazing the stories of an international student's life can be!

*Feel free to leave the comment if you have any questions or opinions* ;D


Greetings from Thao


Hello everyone,

My name is Thao. I'm from Hanoi, Vietnam. For some of you who don't know, Vietnam is a beautiful country with 4000 years of history in the Southeast Asia. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Here is the picture to give you an overview about my hometown:D


I'm a senior majoring in Communication studies, minoring in Environmental Science, Policy and Management at University of Minnesota.

I started studying abroad in the U.S. since I was 16. First, I was in Seattle, WA. Then I transferred to University of Minnesota to finish my degree. I love Seattle but I decided to move because of the bigger school and better opportunities that University of Minnesota offers to me.

I love challenges. Thus, I decided to be an international who dared to travel more than 20,000 miles for my education. ( I know a lot of you here will decide to do the same thing. Be proud of that!) And now, even when I am in the U.S., I never stop traveling around and moving to new places.

I'm also a dog lover and a food lover. I have a German shepherd named Bee Lee. So if you share the same interest, we should definitely hang out! The picture below was taken during last Spring break when Bee Lee and I traveled to Wisconsin:)

Please follow my blog and other international ambassadors to see our interesting lives and journeys as international students!

Feel free to leave any comment or questions for us. We are more than happy to get to know you!!!

Tons of love,
Thao Nguyen.


Hey everyone!!


Hey! My name is Tarun Nambiar, and I am a sophomore from Bangalore, a fairly big metropolitan city located in the south of India. Iam an Honors student majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development (GCD). I love sports and spend a large part of my free time playing or watching sports, especially squash and soccer (I'm a huge Manchester United fan!!). I captain the Undergrad Squash Team at the University, and enjoy a great deal of time training and traveling for various tournaments held around the country with my teammates ! I love biology and this semester I was excited to receive a UROP fellowship, which is basically a scholarship given to undergraduate researchers. I consider myself incredibly lucky to take part in research so early in my career. Apart from academics and sports, I love hanging out with friends, partying, travelling to new places , trying out different cuisines etc and find 24 hrs too less for a day!. Follow my blog as I provide you with glimpses of various aspects of my exciting and rather unpredictable life here at the University! I will be covering various issues relating to my experiences as a foreigner to the U.S.A , an Honors student, a researcher and a sportsman . Please do not hesitate to ask questions as I'm really looking forward to hearing from you'll!!!squash pic.jpg

Hola, me llamo Amelia...


My name is Amelia and I am a citizen of the world, but if you want me to be a little more specific I am a Colombian born Guatemalan from Seattle who is totally obsessed with Francophone culture. How does that work? Well... I was born in Bogota, Colombia and soon after moved to Guatemala City where I lived until I turned 19 and moved to Seattle to study music and journalism.
Once in Seattle I loved my newly acquired independence and all the things I learned and the friends I made to the point that I now actually identify as a Seattlelite. I made such an amazing network of friends and people I could count on, went all over the city for adventures, concerts, caf├ęs an parties that I can actually say I know Seattle better than most Seattlelites, therefore I am a Seattlelite.
However I was looking for a big University because of all the programs and opportunities this type of school can offer, so I transferred here to finish my vocal music degree and double major in cultural anthropology. Plus my parents had both studied here and I already knew their friends so I wouldn't be completely by myself again.
I was also looking to go incognito for a while because my social life was a little distracting for me back in Seattle, and found that the U of M is just perfect for that. It is such a huge school! However I wanted to meet new people in this "jungle" and decided to apply to be an ambassador to meet other international student and share my experience which has been for the most part amazing.
Besides obviously enjoying travel, I love reading and watching French films. I studied in France for a quarter in High School and ever since I have been interested in studying abroad, language pedagogy, and cultural exchanges. I have tons of interests which I won't be able to list on one blog entry so I invite you to keep reading me and my fellow ambassadors.Me!

Ni hao from Helena!

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Hello everyone!!!

My name is Helena Wang and I am from Nanjing, which is in the east part of China and north of Shanghai. I am a sophomore in Carlson School of Management. My major is Accounting, because I really enjoy dealing with numbers :) I love traveling, watching movies, outdoor sports, shopping and reading books. My favorite author is Jane Austin. Two things that I want to do before I die are that go skydiving and backpacking to travel.

I was an exchanged student in Bruce, Wisconsin for my junior year in high school. It was my first time being away from home for ten months and it was definitely a challenge for me. Luckily, my host family is really nice and I spent my first Thanksgiving with them. I joined volleyball, wrestling cheerleading and track team. That year is such a great and memorable experience.

Then I went back to China to finish my high school and later I ended up here for college. As soon as I got into the campus, I felt it was such a huge campus and I took almost two weeks figuring out all the directions. I really love getting involved with different student groups or organizations. I love meeting with different people from different backgrounds. That is why I really like our university. It is such a diverse university and it has a lot of great opportunities for students. Personally, I really want to do something for our international students and contribute to our international community. That is why I want to become an international student ambassador. There are still a lot of things that I really want to talk about, but I will save them for my following blogs. I would like to invite you guys to read mine and please feel free to comments or ask questions! :)

Tony isn't a panda

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Hello everyone, my name is zhuo cheng, but people call me Tony because it's easier to remember. I'm an international student ambassador. I'm from China, specifically I'm from Chengdu city, Szechuan Province. People may not familar with the name of my city, but I guess if I say Panda, a black and white cute bear should pops out from their minds. Chengdu is the hometown of pandas, so is mine. And also, it is a very old city, for example the name hasn't change since the city's established, which is a rare phenomenon in China. By saying too much about my hometown, I should tell more about myself. Although I'm from the panda's hometown, I don't really look like a panda or a bear as my title suggested, even though some of my friends do name me panda or bear because I'm kind of overweighted.
I major in Landscape Design and Planning in the U, I'm a junior but brand new to the landscape program because I changed my major from journalism to landscape design and planning.

Folks, Kaiwen comes to say hi!


Greetings folks,

This is Kaiwen, an international student from Shandong (There are a lot of students from Shandong in this university:D) China majoring in Agricultural & Food Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing.

My name is the Chinese translation of the English name "Kevin". When I started to learn English in China, I used "Kevin" as my English name for more than ten years. Then one day I was preparing my IELTS speaking exam, I told my foreign language teacher that my name is "Kevin", he was surprised and asked me: Kevin? A girl? Then he later explained to me that I can't use a boy's name if I am a girl because people might take it wrong. So I just stopped using this name and never had any English name. And the only "Kevin" that is female that I knew later is a female bird in the Disney cartoon "Up", its name is "Kevin".

The reason that I choose to be a Chinese International Student Ambassador is that, I really want to help more students with my experience here at the university. I want to share my stories with you about my life at the university or, broadly speaking, within the United States, to help you gain a better understanding of how's everything looks like, feels like from an international student's perspective!

The university is a place that always remains to be discovered. Remember to keep an eye on it and you will be surprised by its amazing beauty of diversity!

A Girl, a Goat and an Engineering Dream.


Hi, my name is Temilola. I'm a 4th year student at the U of M, majoring in Chemical Engineering. I come from Esa-Odo Nigeria but spent the better part of my life living between Maiduguri in the north, Port-Harcourt in the South and Paris, France for 2 years.

A fun story from my country, this was actually on the news... A vigilante group in Ilorin, central Nigeria chased a car thief. Allegedly, on cornering the thief, he turned into a goat. The goat was apprehended, taken to the local police station and locked up. I still remember when the story was aired on NTA, our local news channel. You can find a short form of the story at the BBC website.

One of the reasons I chose to be an ambassador was to be able to share quirky stories like this and tell people about Nigeria. More importantly, I remember my first days on campus, feeling a bit out of my element and not knowing much about the University as a whole. What I needed was a group like the International Student Ambassador to take the edge off stepping into the unknown. I am an ambassador because I get to help students who might be in the same position as I was back then.

So here's to an exciting start to your college years. Welcome to the U of M Twin Cities!!!


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