'Ceria' = ???


Apa kabar, semua??

I know that most of you are not familiar with this language. It is a direct translation of 'How are you, everyone' from Bahasa Indonesia. And yes, you guess it right! I'm from Indonesia, a tropical country with thousands of islands located at Southeast Asia.

My name is Ceria Chandra. I'm a junior at the University of Minnesota, studying Chemical Engineering. And you may start wondering the meaning of 'Ceria' now? (*drum roll background....*) That means 'Happy'! ;D I'm a warm and friendly as you ever imagine a person can be. I try to always be positive in everything I do and as much as I can, to also bring that positive atmosphere to people surrounding me. =)

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I transferred here last Fall 2011, and the life overall has been great so far! Although there are many challenges throughout my time here (not only academically but also socially), I'm still grateful because I also learn more from those challenges I had been through. The U indeed offers many resources to help the students, especially the international students. That becomes one of my reasons being an international ambassador, because I want to be a helpful resource for people that have the same problem and challenges like me.

I'm not an expert that can offer you a solution, because I'm yet a student. But, I have many useful tips and interesting stories to share with all of you. You would not ever imagine how amazing the stories of an international student's life can be!

*Feel free to leave the comment if you have any questions or opinions* ;D



Yah terima kasih banyak Ceria. Hope I typed correctly :). I really liked your blog. The most fun is to be and be around positive people like you. Keep writing and add a lot of pictures. Hope for a new post from you soon.

Thanks for sharing us this very informative and well written blog post. I appreciate people who know how to take advantage of every moment of their life. By the way your picture's with national costume is amazing.

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