Folks, Kaiwen comes to say hi!


Greetings folks,

This is Kaiwen, an international student from Shandong (There are a lot of students from Shandong in this university:D) China majoring in Agricultural & Food Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing.

My name is the Chinese translation of the English name "Kevin". When I started to learn English in China, I used "Kevin" as my English name for more than ten years. Then one day I was preparing my IELTS speaking exam, I told my foreign language teacher that my name is "Kevin", he was surprised and asked me: Kevin? A girl? Then he later explained to me that I can't use a boy's name if I am a girl because people might take it wrong. So I just stopped using this name and never had any English name. And the only "Kevin" that is female that I knew later is a female bird in the Disney cartoon "Up", its name is "Kevin".

The reason that I choose to be a Chinese International Student Ambassador is that, I really want to help more students with my experience here at the university. I want to share my stories with you about my life at the university or, broadly speaking, within the United States, to help you gain a better understanding of how's everything looks like, feels like from an international student's perspective!

The university is a place that always remains to be discovered. Remember to keep an eye on it and you will be surprised by its amazing beauty of diversity!



Well, I think Kevin is such a cute name for a girl. Anyway, you are really smart. You know how to write in English. Good luck to you Kevin! By the way, I love the movie UP!

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