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Hey! My name is Tarun Nambiar, and I am a sophomore from Bangalore, a fairly big metropolitan city located in the south of India. Iam an Honors student majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development (GCD). I love sports and spend a large part of my free time playing or watching sports, especially squash and soccer (I'm a huge Manchester United fan!!). I captain the Undergrad Squash Team at the University, and enjoy a great deal of time training and traveling for various tournaments held around the country with my teammates ! I love biology and this semester I was excited to receive a UROP fellowship, which is basically a scholarship given to undergraduate researchers. I consider myself incredibly lucky to take part in research so early in my career. Apart from academics and sports, I love hanging out with friends, partying, travelling to new places , trying out different cuisines etc and find 24 hrs too less for a day!. Follow my blog as I provide you with glimpses of various aspects of my exciting and rather unpredictable life here at the University! I will be covering various issues relating to my experiences as a foreigner to the U.S.A , an Honors student, a researcher and a sportsman . Please do not hesitate to ask questions as I'm really looking forward to hearing from you'll!!!squash pic.jpg


Hi Tarun,

I live in Delhi and have just got my admit for U of M Psychoogy undergrad prog for Fall 2013. I got admit from some other universities also but U of M has been my preferred choice due to its repute as a research University.
More so, I feel, Psychology has immense scope for research.

Pls do make me aware of how to adjust there, what to do next and how to get into research. Here in India, to say that one is doing research at undergrads level is unbelievable and unheard off.

I shall look forward to hearing from you and your advise.



Hi Tarun,

1. Do you have 5 year Chemical engineering + MBA degrees?
2. What are the entry requirements / expected marks required in the CBSE 12th Board exams to get admission in Chemical Engineering?
3. What are the SAT scores expected from international students?
4. Do you accept IELTS scores also? How much is the requirement?
5.How is U of M for an undergrad student/
6. What are the current fees and living costs?
7. Are there any scholarships / grants for international students?



hi Tarun,
my name is david and i too am an Indian and im planning to give the sat but have no idea as when to give it so i would really thankful if you let me know.


Hi Tarun,
I plan to join the class of 2017 at UMN Twin cities. I am from Bangalore too - just that my family's been in Malaysia for the past 3 years due to my dad's job, so we don't currently live in Bangalore.

So my question - I was wondering how your first-year room-mate experience went ? Did you have Indian room-mates or other nationality room-mates ?


There are many schools are providing good education in all around the world. In that mainly best CBSE schools are present in US, UK, European Countries and India. Each school are handling the students in a different way. Mostly in North side schools are really teaching superb. When the students are cross out from the school , each students have the capacity 90 % what they have learnt in school . In Yelahanka, schools are providing best education when compare other schools in India.

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