A Girl, a Goat and an Engineering Dream.


Hi, my name is Temilola. I'm a 4th year student at the U of M, majoring in Chemical Engineering. I come from Esa-Odo Nigeria but spent the better part of my life living between Maiduguri in the north, Port-Harcourt in the South and Paris, France for 2 years.

A fun story from my country, this was actually on the news... A vigilante group in Ilorin, central Nigeria chased a car thief. Allegedly, on cornering the thief, he turned into a goat. The goat was apprehended, taken to the local police station and locked up. I still remember when the story was aired on NTA, our local news channel. You can find a short form of the story at the BBC website.

One of the reasons I chose to be an ambassador was to be able to share quirky stories like this and tell people about Nigeria. More importantly, I remember my first days on campus, feeling a bit out of my element and not knowing much about the University as a whole. What I needed was a group like the International Student Ambassador to take the edge off stepping into the unknown. I am an ambassador because I get to help students who might be in the same position as I was back then.

So here's to an exciting start to your college years. Welcome to the U of M Twin Cities!!!



Welcome to Minnesota! I hope you're ready for winter!

Haha, thank you Charlie! I've begun wearing 7 layers the past few days.

Haha, thank you Charlie! I have already begun wearing 7 layers the past few days!

Temilola Your desire to help students is admirable! I really enjoyed the honesty of this post! Post some more pictures, and blog some more, It’s been so great reading your blog.

Thank you for your comment Diana. I hope you've enjoyed our other blogs as much so far!

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