Hola, me llamo Amelia...


My name is Amelia and I am a citizen of the world, but if you want me to be a little more specific I am a Colombian born Guatemalan from Seattle who is totally obsessed with Francophone culture. How does that work? Well... I was born in Bogota, Colombia and soon after moved to Guatemala City where I lived until I turned 19 and moved to Seattle to study music and journalism.
Once in Seattle I loved my newly acquired independence and all the things I learned and the friends I made to the point that I now actually identify as a Seattlelite. I made such an amazing network of friends and people I could count on, went all over the city for adventures, concerts, caf├ęs an parties that I can actually say I know Seattle better than most Seattlelites, therefore I am a Seattlelite.
However I was looking for a big University because of all the programs and opportunities this type of school can offer, so I transferred here to finish my vocal music degree and double major in cultural anthropology. Plus my parents had both studied here and I already knew their friends so I wouldn't be completely by myself again.
I was also looking to go incognito for a while because my social life was a little distracting for me back in Seattle, and found that the U of M is just perfect for that. It is such a huge school! However I wanted to meet new people in this "jungle" and decided to apply to be an ambassador to meet other international student and share my experience which has been for the most part amazing.
Besides obviously enjoying travel, I love reading and watching French films. I studied in France for a quarter in High School and ever since I have been interested in studying abroad, language pedagogy, and cultural exchanges. I have tons of interests which I won't be able to list on one blog entry so I invite you to keep reading me and my fellow ambassadors.Me!


Interesting post about your experiences and time at um and why you applied as an ambassador. Please share more of your experiences.

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