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Back to 2 years ago, when I applied to college, I was sure that I want to choose something that related to business. I ended up choosing Carlson School of Management in University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Honestly, this is probably one of the wisest decisions I ever made.
They have AWESOME advising services and all advisors are truly welcome international students. Academic advising is a critical part of your undergraduate experience at the Carlson School. Advisors are here to help you set goals and guide you through the numerous opportunities available to you at the University. They'll make sure you stay on track for graduation without losing sight of how your individual goals fit into your educational experience.For further information, you can find If you are an international student in Carlson, but has not been to Undergraduate Business Career Center (UBCC), you should go there to check it out. They provide help for the resume building and they have career coaches to talk with you about your job interests and answering your questions towards the The Edge or job hunting. They are really good resources. Please take advantage of it!

We have 208 degree-seeking international students representing 23 different countries in Carlson. Among those international students, 127 students are from China. 36 students are from South Korea and 14 students are from Vietnam. The rest are from other different countries. Being a Carlson student, it is really important to get involved and practice your communication and leadership skills while keeping good Academic grades. It can be challenging sometimes to keep the balance between them. Do not worry! Carlson always provides you with a lot of information sessions or workshops about how to deal with this situation and also how to network with recruiters. You definitely will learn a lot about business and get to explore as well. MAP2.jpeg

The biggest event for our international students in Carlson is called Carlson Global Connect/Kick off event. This year was held at Hanson Hall 1-108, from 4:30pm to 6:00pm on September 26th. It's Carlson Global Connect Event Series, which consists of three important events designed just for Carlson international degree-seeking undergraduate students.This event tends to bring all the international students from Carlson together and get to know each other while giving the international students more college resources and meeting with professors from different majors. This year, we had at least one professor from each major attending this event. This event lasts for three days. There is one theme for each day.
 Carlson Global Connect Kick Off and Networking Event with Carlson Undergraduate Faculty
 Carlson International Alumni Panel: Finding a job in the U.S as an international student
 How do you talk to Americans-10 Expert Tips for Successful Intercultural Communication

Besides this event, there are also a lot of other activities you can attend. Login in to the edge and find more opportunities. The Edge is also the website that you can apply for different internships and full time jobs and registering Carlson events. Here is the website.

Carlson has a lot of resources and opportunities waiting for you. The most important thing is to go out and explore them. Keep networking with people and you will learn much from those people and you will be amazed by how much you improve through these processes.

Thank you all for reading. If you are interested in more Carlson information, please feel free to email me and also follow my coming blogs. I will write more about them!
Have a good break everyone!



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