Student Health Benefit Plan and Boynton Health Services

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It's happened to the best of us. We come to the US and hear horror stories about expensive health care. So on arriving we vow to not set foot in a hospital for the next 4 years of our education. At least that was my master plan... until I sprained a ligament. When this happened I was very determined not to get any help. I figured I could wade through the pain a day or two and it would get better. The morning of the first day I tried to go to class. I think it took me about 10 minutes to get from Yudof to the back of Coffman Union (a distance of 40 feet at most). That is when I knew I HAD to go to Boynton.

At the end of my trip to Boynton I came out with a surgical boot, crutches, results from an x-ray and a bag of medication.I was sure I would get $700 bill soon enough. I was so off with my estimate.

Granted that I have not had any serious medical issues since I came to the U, still I have always been pleasantly surprised at how reasonable my bills have come to be. In Nigeria health insurance is available but I'd say majority of the population don't have insurance. So it has taken me a while to get used to the fact that the Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) that is offered by the University is there for one reason: affordable health care for students.

Besides covering a percentage of the cost for more non-routine medical services, the SHBP makes it possible to receive commonplace services at Boynton Clinics with no out-of-pocket costs to students. Furthermore basic health programs such as massage therapy, tai chi, women's clinics etc. are provided at Boynton for free (well under the SHBP)!

I encourage you to explore the health coverage you are provided here at the U so you can utilize the resources you are entitled to as best as you can.The next time you have a common cold and plan on going to CVS to pick up some medicine, I challenge you to drop by the Gopher Clinic to get the medicine free.

Remember, if you are confused about health coverage and services available to you, always feel free to call in and ask questions. For now, I leave you with Boynton's contact details.

(612) 625-3222 Appointments
(612) 625-8400 Information
(612) 625-7900 Medical Information Nurse

Until next time!

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I have not been able to find a schedule of benefits for my daughter who is a student at CSM---I ask because I was recently presented with a $4,000 "flu bill" from a neighboring hospital. My question is, if we are paying the full cost of UCARE, where do I find the in/out of network information? And why should I pay $4,000 for a flu/urgent care visit? Seems a little high???? Could this be one of the many signs of the abuse of the American Health Care System? I think yes--my ex husband believes that if you have insurance it's "freeā€¦" And this attitude will drive our country into bankruptcy...

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