Why choose College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota as your destination?

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CLA.jpegAs my previous blog, we have discussed that importance of a Liberal Arts degree. Now, you might start to think where to pursuit your Liberal Arts degree. In this blog, I will share with you my experience why College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota should be a destination for your education.

I'm a transfer student. Thus, when I decided to transfer at my junior year, I needed to make a right decision not to waste my time and money. College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota stands out among many options. Here are the reasons:

1. Reasonable tuition fee

Estimated Cost of Attendance for International Undergraduate Students Full-time tuition, fees, and books and supplies* (9 months) $20,088
Let's face it: $20,088 is A LOT OF money! But if you just do a little bit research about tuition fee for international students to attend US university, you might find that you get such a good deal for a good University like the U of M.

2. Second language requirement
As I mentioned in my previous blog, College of Liberal Arts at the U of M is the only college that requires students to study a second language. However, if you are international student, language requirement is waved for you!

If you are still interested, CLA offers different classes of 40 different languages. You can check here for the full language courses that are offered at CLA http://www.class.umn.edu/degree_requirements/Second_Language_List.html

3. Wide range of majors, minors and degrees
CLA offers 69 majors and 74 minors in 5 main themes:
1. Arts, Communication, and Media
2. Humanities, Languages, and Cultures
3. Sciences and Math
4. Social Sciences
5. Individualized.

Here is the detailed list for different majors offered at CLA. http://discovercla.umn.edu/majors/

Moreover, The College of Liberal Arts offers five bachelor's degrees:
bachelor of arts (BA)
bachelor of individualized studies (BIS)
bachelor of fine arts (BFA)
bachelor of music (BMus)
bachelor of science (BS)

4. Many active student groups
There are 33 student groups that show how CLA students take their education beyond the classroom. Besides that CLA student Ambassadors, here is the list of different group that you might able to join basing on common interests, hobbies, professional goals, religious affiliations. http://discovercla.umn.edu/life/groups/index.php

5. Helpful advising academic and career service

=> CLA professional advising team can help students to:

  • explore and choose your major
  • plan your course load to stay on track for timely graduation
  • understand University policies and procedures and how they apply to you
  • take advantage of University learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  • prepare for life after graduation, including grad school or your career

=> CLA Career Services will help you:

  • Explore majors and choose one. They do this via individual assistance, personality and interest tests, classes, and resource room full of information you can browse
  • Connect your major to potential careers. You're likely to find options that you didn't know were available.
  • Search for internships and jobs. They'll teach you effective job-search strategies, resume writing, and interviewing skills. They also connect you to an on-campus recruiting program specifically for CLA students.
  • Set up an independent research or study project with a CLA faculty member.
  • Decide if you want to attend grad school and help you apply. CLA Career Services is also the U's prelaw advising office.

6. High ranking programs
Here is a not-detailed list of the rankings in the nation of some majors in CLA that I collected from Usnews:

#1 Developmental Psychology
#3 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
#4 Macroeconomics
#8 Psychology
#10 in Economics
#35 in English
#24 History
#17 Political Science
#20 Sociology

It's not all majors at CLA but it could give you an overview about the quality of different majors at CLA.

Above are 6 main reasons why I decided to attent CLA at the University of Minnesota. What else are you waiting for? Apply today and join our big family at CLA!

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